3203 Questions & Answers

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3203 Questions & Answers

Exam Code: 3203
Exam Name: Avaya Aura Messaging Implementation and Maintenance
Vendor: Avaya

69 Questions & Answers
Last update: Nov 19,20
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Avaya 3203 Exam Tips

Which Advocate feature allows a customer to prioritize calls queued to a single stall and deliver a tiered service level?

A. Vector queuing priorities (correct)
B. Dynamic Threshold Adjustment
C. Dynamic Queue Position
D. Service Objective

Which Communication Manager SAT command provides a list o f vectors that contain a specific variable?

A. Monitor variables
B. List trace variable s
C. display variables (correct)
D. list usage variable

Which statement describes the two types of backups, CMSADM and Maintenance, that are on CMS system?

A. MSAOM backup is backing up CMS Administrator database portion, while Maintenance backup holds the Historical Call Data of the call center
B. ADM backup includes all Solaris system files and installed programs except CMS database, while Maintenance backup carries CMS database content
C. Maintenance backup is an incremental backup, while CMSADM is a full backup otherwise there is no difference
D. Tape backup is called CMSADM, while network backup is referred as Maintenance. (correct)

How are feature packages, like External Call History or Forecasting, installed an a CMS system?

A. Using cms adm menu:, pkg _install option
B. Using cms svc menu, pkg_install option
C. Using CMS main menu, System Setup menu, Package management option
D. From Solaris shell as root by issuing 'pkgadd -d ' command (correct)

A technician is installing a new communication Server (CS) 1000 Rls 7x system for a customer. The requirements include installation of IP telephone for a small group of inside sales people. When configuring the IP telephones, which address is programmed into S1 and IP telephone?

The ELAN address of the signaling Server. The ELAN address of the call Server The physical TLAN address of the Signaling Server The telephony node IP address

A customer installed a communication Server (CS) 1000 Rls 7.0 system and is viewing the elements in the UCM Element List for the system. The customer notices that the MGC card for the system is not listed on the element page. How can customer add the MGC card to the element list?

Click add on the element page to add the Element the MGC element. Join the MGC to the Security domain to add the MGC element. Select Software Deployment on the element page to deploy the MGC element. Select the MGC element from the element List in the Tree View and drag the element to the destination group in the element Tree.

A customer has a Communication Server (CS) 1000E Rls 7.0 system and is installing a standalone CPDC signaling Server. Which role should be chosen during the IP telephony node configuration?

Backup Follower Leader Alternate

Click the Exhibit Button. .A technician is provisioning a new communication Server (CS) 1000 Rls 7.0 system for a customer, and is adding an H 323 virtual route using Element Manager Routes and Trunks. What is the trunk type (TKTP)?

Integrated Service Access route (ISA) TE Trunk data block (TE) Automatic (TE AUTO ) Direct Inward Dialing Trunk (DID)

Click the Exhibit Button. A Customer has deployed a Communication Server (CS) 1000 Rls the user of extension 4250 has asked the technician to confirm that what happens to callers when they are not able to answer their telephone and forget to use the call forward key. Based on the current programming shown in the exhibit and assuming the telephone is assigned to RCO 0, what happens when a user dials extension 4250 and it does not get answered ?

The caller hears ringtone for three ring cycles and then is forwarded to extension 6000 . The caller hears ringtone for three ring cycles and then is disconnected . The caller hears ringtone for three ring cycles and is forwarded to extension 6000 . The caller hears ringtone for three ring cycles and then is disconnected.

A customer is preparing for an evening maintenance window and asks the technician to provide a count of the number of registered IP Desktop telephones on the Communication Servers (CS) 1000E SA Co-Resident Call Server. The system is provisioned with the default Linux base security hardening mechanisms. Which login procedure allows quick access to the IP Desktop telephone information?

Telnet to Linux Base server, Login to Linux Base server, CSLOGIN to Call Servers Rlogin to Linux Base server, Login to Linux Base server, CSLOGIN to Call Servers SSH to Linux Base server, Login to Linux Base server, CSLOGIN to Call Servers VPN to Linux Base server, Login to Linux Base server, CSLOGIN to Call Servers