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Last update: May 16,20
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CompTIA CV0-001 Exam Tips

The CONFIG.SYS file is the main configuration file that DOS uses. What problems do es this file handle? (Choose all that applies)

A. It handles batch file that executes automatically at system startup.
B. Insufficient conventional memory. (correct)
C. Incorrect drivers loading (correct)
D. None of the above

The CONFIG.SYS file is the main configuration file that DOS uses. It can be the source of several problems with DOS. The problems that are normally experienced are things like insufficient conventional memory, incorrect drivers loading, and not enough file handles.

What will you advise the trainee technician to use to discharge high voltage from a Cathode Ray Tube?

A. High-voltage probe. (correct)
B. Multi meter.
C. Capacitors.
D. None of the above.

If you have to open a monitor, you must first discharge the high-voltage charge on it using a high-voltage probe. This probe has a very large needle, a gauge that indicates volts, and a wire with an alligator clip.

What are the tools that you will advise the new trainee to use in case the CONFIG.SYS and the AUTOEXEC.BAT becomes corrupted?

A. EMM386.EXE .
B. REM statements. (correct)
D. Backup files (correct)

becomes damaged or corrupt with incorrect entries, the best two
tools you have are the REM statement and backup files.

The new trainee technician wants to know which o f the following could be used for connecting a mouse to the computer . How will you reply? (Choose three)

A. 6-pin MINI-DIN connector plug. (correct)
B. DIN-5 connector plug.
C. DB-9'to'25-pin adapter. (correct)
D. DIN-9 connector plug. (correct)

A: A 6-pin MINI-DIN connector plug is more commonly known as a PS/2 connector. PS/2 mouse interface is a type of mouse interface that uses a round, DIN-6 connector that gets its name from the first computer it was introduced on, the IBM PS/2.
C: All computers came with at least one serial port that the mouse could use with its female DB-9 connector. If the serial port was of the 25-pin variety, the user could plug the mouse's DB-9 connector into the adapter that was usually included with the mouse to allow it to work.
D: A DIN-9 connector plug is used to connect to a bus mouse port.

A client wants to know what the problem is because her computer gives her a 161 POST error .

A. Color video problems
B. Monochrome video problems
C. Floppy disk system problems
D. CMOS battery failure (correct)

The POST error code 161 normally indicates a CMOS battery failure.

Which type of memory error normally occur s once and disappear s after the computer is rebooted?

A. 201 BIOS Error
B. Hard Memory Error
C. Parity Error
D. Soft Memory Error (correct)

This type of error is known as soft errors and they usually occur once and disappear after the computer is rebooted and are normally caused by power fluctuations or single bit errors.

The new trainee technician wants to know which of the following RAM types are known as volatile RAM . How will you reply?

A. Magnetic disks
B. Memory cards
D. Rambus DRAM main memory (correct)

The term volatile RAM means that information 'flies away' when no electricity is present to keep it in place.

Which of the following is a cable that has a DB- 25M connector at each end?

A. A Null modem cable. (correct)
B. A RS-232 modem cable.
C. A VGA extension cable.
D. A Parallel printer cable.

A: a Null Modem cable has a DB-25M connector on each end.

As a trainee technician at, you are asked to take action when a Windows 3.1 system runs out of system resources. What is the best thing to do? (Choose all that apply)

A. Upgrade BIOS
B. Add RAM (correct)
C. Add disk space (correct)
D. Upgrade the motherboard
E. None of the above

For optimal Windows performance, the available system resources should be above 80 percent. If they are below 80 percent you will need to add RAM, disk space, or both.