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Exam Code: JK0-801
Exam Name: CompTIA Academic/E2C A+ Voucher Only
Vendor: CompTIA

1110 Questions & Answers
Last update: May 26,20
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CompTIA JK0-801 Exam Tips

What is known as an enclosure that stops radio frequency signals from emanating out of a controlled environment?

A. It can be described as a Grounded wiring frame.
B. It can be described as a Mantrap
C. It can be described as a TEMPEST
D. It can be described as a Faraday cage (correct)

What should you implement to ensure that the portable workstation of the user is protected when the user connect to a wireless network in another company?

A. You should consider implementing a Privacy screen.
B. You should consider implementing a Router with firewall rule set.
C. You should consider implementing a Personal firewall. (correct)
D. You should consider implementing a Network firewall.

Identify the wireless security protocols should use in order to deploy the secure wireless on their network? (Choose TWO)

A. You should make use of WAN.
B. You should make use of IPX.
C. You should make use of WEP. (correct)
D. You should make use of WPA. (correct)

You work as a security administrator at You are reconfiguring a server so as to make it less susceptible to an attacker obtaining the user account passwords. You decide to have the encrypted passwords contained within a file that is readable only by root. What is a common name for this file?

A. passwd
B. shadow (correct)
C. hoats.allow
D. hosts.deny

The shadow password format, is popular in Linux. A shadowed password remains readable on the outside, but instead of a password it contains placeholders composed of 9 fields which include a username, an encrypted password, and seven different time dependent fields.

Why are single servers often the targets of attack?

A. Because they contain application launch scripts.
B. Because they contain security policy settings.
C. Because they contain credentials for many systems and users. (correct)
D. Because they contain master encryption keys.

A successful attack on the right server can give you credentials like: usernames, addresses, and password hashes for many users over many systems.

What is the basic strategy for configuring the rules for a secure firewall?

A. Permit all.
B. Deny all.
C. Default permit.
D. Default deny. (correct)

It's safer and easier to deny everybody and work to allow some; then it is to allow everybody and work to deny some. Always deny by default, because you'll never know what you can overlook or forget.

Which of the following security mechanisms can be applied to modems to better authenticate remote users?

A. firewalls
B. encryption
C. SSH (Secure Shell)
D. callback (correct)

During the late 1980's before call display, it was very common for pranksters to phone up pizza delivery restaurants and fraudulently order pizzas to unsuspected peoples houses. The American pizza industry (led by Pizza Hut and Domino's) applied the security mechanism of callback to authenticate fraudulent orders from legitimate orders. During the order, they'd ask for the customer's phone number and phone them back to confirm the order. This simple security measure saved the pizza industry millions of dollars, and it's the exact same security measure that dial up modems can use to authenticate remote users.

You work as a security administrator at Mobile users require remote connectivity in order to access shared files and e-mail on the corporate network. All mobile uses have laptops equipped with Ethernet adapters. Some also have modems. What is the best remote access solution to allow all mobile users to access the corporate network?

A. ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network).
B. Dial-up.
C. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).
D. VPN (Virtual Private Network). (correct)

A virtual private network is exactly what it sounds. The salesmen can log on to the internet, go to the VPN service providers sign on page, and from there they will virtual access to a private network that is safe, secure, and encrypted.

Which of the following is the most effective in preventing network traffic sniffing?

A. Deploy an IDS (Intrusion Detection System).
B. Disable promiscuous mode.
C. Use hubs instead of routers.
D. Use switches instead of hubs. (correct)

Switches don't send all traffic on the segment to every port so conventional sniffing methods don't work.