5 myths about getting online CCNP certification

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CCNP certification, also referred to as “Cisco Certified Network Specialist” certification is one of the most admired certifications by Cisco. The CCNP certification has been designed to enrich the candidates with the knowledge of Routing and Switching. It is a very technical and advanced level certification which tends to provide the candidate with the best skills which will let them enhance their capabilities and excel in their field. Those who successfully acquire this certification become entitled to job positions for support engineers, network engineers, network technician and systems engineer. Those who wish to acquire this certification must have an experience of at least 1 year in networking.

The main component of this certification is the online exam which needs to be cleared in order to obtain the certification. In this regard, this exam will cater to all the topics which have been included in the certification. However, when it comes to attempting the exam, it has been observed that people usually become quite nervous. This is not surprising considering the difficulty level of the exam which is quite high. In this regard, some of the myths have evolved over the years related to this exam which hinder the performance of many people in it. The truth is that these myths are totally false and only restrict the people from performing well in the exam.

Following are 5 most famous myths which have been associated with the CCNP certification exam.

Myth # 1 – The Exam Survey

Most of you might know that before you begin the CCNP certification exam, there is a survey which you have to fill. The survey mainly comprises of questions relating to the exam and how it could be improved. The survey will also ask the candidate regarding the methods of their preparation and the topics with which they are comfortable. However, there is also one question which asks the candidate to rate his preparation; whether it is good, average or bad.

The main myth associated with this survey is regarding this question in which one has to rate his preparation. Many people believe that if they rate themselves as good, they will certainly get a “harder” exam. Now this is one of the most stupid things which one could hear! The CCNP exam given to each candidate is of the same difficulty and comprises of similar questions. The survey is just held in order to get the feedback of the candidates and improve certain exam practices. So, this is one of the most common myths which you should know and try to avoid.

Myth # 2 – Adaptive testing

This is another common myth which you will find many people believing. You might be aware of the fact that once you submit an answer to a question in an online test, you get a random question next which might be different from the ones which other candidates get. However, the myth is that most of the people believe that if they skip a question related to a particular topic or get it wrong, they will be given a question related to that topic again and again until they get it right. This is referred to as “Adaptive Testing”.

Well, those people who think that this is true make a big mistake. There is a large database of questions from which the online exam gives you questions to solve. In fact, the questions you get are random. Each topic has been assigned a specific weightage and you will only get that fixed amount of questions related to a topic which are assigned to it. Hence, this myth is totally solve and only tends to distract you while performing the exam.

Myth # 3: Copy-Run-Start Myth

This myth is related to the part of the CCNP exam where you make use of the simulator. Many of the people believe that you need to use the “Copy-Run-Start” command in order to start the test and save your answers. However, this is absolutely incorrect. All the answers which you select in the CCNP exam are automatically stored whenever you press the “Next” button. This means that you do not need to worry that you saved answers could be lost due to any reason, as they will not.

Myth # 4 – Entering Commands in Simulator questions

This myth comes into being when you are using commands in simulator questions. Most of the people tend to believe that if you add an extra command while configuring the settings, your answer will be marked wrong. However, this is not the case. Whenever you type an extra command which does not fit into that place, you will be told that this command does not fit here and you will also be told where to use that command. Those people who think that they get penalized due to using extra commands are just under the influence of this myth.

Myth # 5 – Type of Questions

This is one of the most common myths which are associated with the type of questions which you will get in the exam. Most of the people believe that the CCNP exams will only be based on multiple-choice questions. However, this is not true. There are also a number of fill-in the blank questions, multiple answer questions and drag and drop questions which will occur in the exam.

One should try to ignore these myths as much as one can. You should keep in mind that if there is something which could let you perform well in the exam; it is only your good preparation. Myths like these, and many others, only tend to distract you and prevent you from performing well in the exam. All we need to do is to eliminate them from our minds and attempt the exam as well as we can.

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