5 Myths about getting your online MCITP Virtualization administrator

Certification: IBM Cognos - c721

Getting an online credential has become a common thing because of it being readily available. In as much as there are a number of people who decide to take on this system there are also many beliefs that come along with them. There is also an online training if one opts to become a virtualization administrator but despite of this fact there are five common myths that relate to this accreditation.

1.  The online MCITP virtualization administrator course is the same.

This myth means that each and every training course that is done online is the same. This myth is simply not true and the fact of the matter is in as much as it is offered online it varies depending on the administrator. One administrator may decide to include one process like configuration and deployment of the desktop in a simpler manner while the other may decide to complicate the matter in order to make it more interesting and increase the number of candidates who use his administration to be educated. Another thing is that every administrator uses the approach that they think suit best their students and it is well known that no individual thinks the same as the other. Therefore the fact under this myth is that there is no way that all the online MCITP Virtualization administrator training course is the same.

2.  Online MCITP virtualization administrator does not have the same quality  experience like that of traditional classroom:

This myth is also common among lots of people in that since one has not interacted in the real classroom environment then there is nothing for them to show like experience. The truth of the matter is that this is not true at all. No matter what environment one decides to get this training they will gain the same experience this is because one who decides to take an online training is entitled to learn the same syllabus as the one who decides to attend physically to a classroom. In most situations the online programs are designed in a way that they resemble an ordinary class this because most of them have opted to have between twenty five to thirty candidates taking a particular lesson at the same time. Due to the introduction of the digitized tools these candidates are able to interact with each other and also with their trainers and as a result quality experience is earned.

Therefore one has to be confident enough when they decide to take an online MCITP Virtualization administration training.

3.  Taking online MCITP Virtualization administrator is easy and one spends less time.

This myth is not true at all because of a number of reasons. First of all, the duration that one takes to get this online course depends on how committed they are. To be more precise one can decide to go for this option because of the limited time that the classroom option has. In the classroom situation there is a fixed time table and the syllabus is designed in such a way that it must be completed at a certain stipulated time and yet when this time elapses the syllabus may not yet be completed or one has not understood. In this scenario they will opt for the online option since one can take as much time as they wish to before sitting for an exam which on the other hand is an advantage since they tend to be more prepared.

Another thing is that one who decides to do MCITP virtualization administration online has to be as hardworking as the one who takes the classroom option with this in mind one cannot rush through the syllabus with the belief that it takes a shorter period. The candidates also need to be proactive and be good managers of their discipline since there is an assumption that none of this is required as one takes this online training. They are also required to have the ability to balance their every responsibility and this comes along with setting all their priorities.

4.  The online MCITP Virtualization administrator certificate is not accredited.

This is also a common myth and it is also not true. This appears to be the case especially to most of the employers once one decides to get a job using this accreditation. In most cases they do not believe that the holder of the certificate is the same one that did the course and therefore they tend to be more resistant when it comes to offering them a job. It is common that most of the individuals who lack this job hold an accreditation that was obtained online. The fact of the matter is that this certificate is just as valid as the one that is attained after attending a normal classroom since surveys are usually carried out to ensure the holder of the certificate is the same as the same one that registered for the online training and to top this off interviews can be carried out to ensure that the individual is the right owner.

5.  The candidates do not meet face to face.

This myth is common among many online courses and MCITP virtualization administrator is no exception. The truth of the matter is that this is a mere opinion. To get this online course many of the trainers have designed a dashboard that enables the students to interact with each other and also with their trainers and this gives them a feel of a real classroom surrounding. There has also been improvement in IT and therefore the students are able to interact through Skype which is literally face to face one is able to see the other person be it the candidate or the lecturer.

Therefore one is not discouraged from taking this online training since the benefits one gets from taking this option are the same as those for an individual who takes the classroom option.

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