8 tips to prepare for GMAT

Exam: GMAT Test - Graduate Management Admission Test: Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA), Quantitative section, Verbal section

Graduate Management Admission Test also knows as GMAT is one of the most reputed and acknowledged test for admission into business schools and institutions. The following is a Computer Adaptive Test (CAT), which means that every succeeding question is based on the answer of the previous questions. In order to conquer the exam one must not only be prepared for the questions but also the technique required to beat the time constraint involved.

GMAT involves a test of various abilities vital for completion of a graduate management program. The broad categories involved are Analytical Writing Assessment, Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative and Verbal Questions. The total time provided to an individual for completion of the test is 3 hours and 30 minutes. The GMAT exam may look and feel intimidating due to various factors such as restrictive timing, large number of questions and the adaptive nature of the exam. Still with proper and consistent preparation an individual can not only crack the exam but also use it to ones advantage in his or her academics and career. 

Draw a Plan

Enrolling oneself into GMAT isn’t a one-day decision; it is necessary for one to decide at least three months prior to the exam.  Such prior notice not only helps to prepare for the examination but also makes sure that one is aware of his or her strengths and weaknesses. A clear-cut plan must be drawn for the preparation of GMAT and each and every step taken should be strictly according to the map drawn. It is much better to plan ahead than to put oneself under pressure a few days before the day of the exam. Plan also helps one to prepare by giving regular practice tests that are drawn on the same pattern as the GMAT. It is very necessary for an individual to be comfortable with the pattern of the exam and also with the restricted time allotted for its completion.

Time Each Question

Timing is of crucial importance while giving the GMAT. Many face the problem of missing out on questions as one might waste too much time on a specific question. Each section has a limited time period and therefore it is very important to inculcate the habit of completing questions well before time. Various preparation tests should be taken before appearing for the GMAT as these tests are based on the same structure and therefore can help one to keep track of time. A test taker should aim for finishing the preparation test well before time, as one cannot predict the difficulty level of the questions that may appear in the actual examination.

Follow the Official GMAT Guide

Though there is a lot of material available for preparation of GMAT online but the most trusted and reputed preparation material is provided by the official GMAT guide. The guide also features extra online question banks and video content. A test taker should be thorough with the official guide as questions listed in the question banks are very similar to the one that can be witnessed in the actual examinations.

Preparation Tests

The official GMAT website offers two free preparation tests for the registered test takers. These are the most accurate preparation tests and offer great insight into the original structure of GMAT. The test is computer adaptive in nature and therefore a close re-enactment of the actual test. These tests should be taken again and again in order to ensure that the performance is consistent and one is well versed with the structure of GMAT.

Use Elimination and Deduction

GMAT is an exam that includes multiple-choice questions and the answers are very closely related to each other. Thus such an issue arises confusion within the mind of the test takers and one way to overcome it is learning the trick of elimination and deduction. The following is a method of identifying and eliminating the obvious wrong choices from the answers. This helps in decreasing the pool of answers and makes the process of deduction much simpler. To perfect the art of this trick one must continuously practice it on preparation tests.

Tips and Tricks

Majority of questions in the GMAT examination involves the use of tips and tricks. Such small details come very handy as it helps in solving the questions much quicker therefore they should be practiced regularly. By applying them over and over again in preparation exams one could understand their usage better. Such tricks are used for both type of questions Verbal as well as Quantitative.

Identifying Clues and Inculcating Educated Guessing

One must learn to identify clues supplied within a question as it may become of great help. If stuck on a particular question one could use such clues to make an educated guess therefore decreasing the chances of pointing out the wrong answer. But such a habit of identifying hidden clues cannot be developed overnight therefore it should be practiced regularly.

Avoid End Moment Pressure

All the preparation must be done well before the date of the actual examination. The last few days prior to the GMAT exam one must revise what’s known to him or her rather than trying to learn new techniques and questions. By relieving the pressure that can get accumulated at the end moment, a test taker can drastically increase his or her chance of scoring better in the GMAT exam.

GMAT requires an individual to create a detailed plan or schedule to be followed regularly, as it could help one to achieve their targets in the examination. Each individual has his or her separate ways of preparing for the examination but by inculcating such small tips and measures one could increase his or her performance.

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