A+ Certification: cost and difficulty?

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The CompTIA A+ certification certifies that the person is capable enough to enter the competitive market of IT. The certification provides you confidence, workingability, knowledge of computer parts, networking and other security measures. The certification comprises of many objectives, but you should go with the updated version. The updated version 220-801/802 comprises of two separate exams which you have to clearseparately with the passing score to get the A+accreditation. You should study well to score the passing marks in the exam because the total cost of the exam is bit heavy on your pockets. The cost is a bit higher because of the fact that the certification will make you acclaim yourself internationally;you can have better prospects by getting the certification from entry eve to higher certifications.

Cost and affordability of A+ certification

As we now theCompTIAA+ certification comprises of two tests which you shouldclearboth to get certified. The fee for both the exams is $168, making a total of $336. But this is the amount you will spend to appear for the exams, you still need to spend more, for the preparation of the test. If you go for the training of the test, you need to spend few more bucks, but in case you will study on your own then you need to spend on book and other study material, which will provide you the updated knowledge necessary for the test.

The fee for the CompTIA A+ certification differ from state to state, so it might be a burden on your pockets if you fail in your first attempt so study wellbefore sitting for the exam. The preparation cost of the certification course ranges between $300 to $500 every day. The course completes in 5 days, so it is an extra $1500-$2000 that you need to spend for the certification. You should remember that if you go for the course, the amount stated above is not fixed it may vary from agency to agency depending on the facilities they will be offering you during the course.

Besides the amount you see before there are few more bucks you will be spending, if you go for training, you need to buy training materials, books, CDs or DVDs that will help you completing your training course. Some of the CDs you will have that will have sample questions of CompTIA, that will help you see your preparation level, doubts, confusions. All together you have to spend around 40$ 175$ if you go for the training program.

Above all the amount you spend in having the certification is worth spending, because in lieu of some bucks you are getting a international acclaimed certification. The raise that you will have after the certification in your annual income will be more than the amount spent. After the certification you can save a lot of amount, which you used to spend on assembling and disassembling of the hardware parts of the computer. But as CompTIA upgrades its course from time to time you have to be updated about the details of the certification.

Difficulty level of CompTIA

If you had prepared well the paper is easy for you, if not then definitely the paper is tough for you. Since the syllabus gets updated on a regular basis you should be aware of the updates so that you can prepare well.  The recent version of CompTIA is a bit difficult than the previous version due to the change in format of the questions and the change in syllabus. The paper initially used to be straight forward which anyone can solve. But the paper specially the practical one, now has performance based questions that will test your practicalknowledge about the various questions. This can be difficult for you if you don’t have formal training or any lab work experience. So you should study hard and see learning video on a constant basis to have the ability to solve scenario based questions. You can pan you preparation according to your capability or forming a study pan. Following are some methods which can help you prepare we

  1. Students should review the changed exam pattern and their objectives; you can have the update on the official website of the CompTIA. You should have a copy the preparation material so that you don’t have to refer the site again and again.
  2. You should buy a good book based on CompTIA, which should cover all the information you should now for the exam.
  3. You can check your preparation by rebuilding an old computer, by assembling again its parts. In this way you will be able to retain what you studied.
  4. You can watch preparation videos on You Tube, Google and study on your weak areas, mae them strong. You can use the site mcmcse.com which is a good source of materials for the exam.
  5. You can test your knowledge by creating the exam environment; give the test as if you are in the exam hall. This will make you realize your preparation eve. If you score well you are prepared, if not, see where you are weak, study again.
  6. If you go accordingly you can have the certification in your hands.

One who is on the verge of entry into the IT industry will value the certification more. So you should practice questions based on the pattern and syllabus of CompTIA A+ certification to get the passing score. Though it not tough it seems to be, if one go with a fixed study plan, opt for atraining program, go through the earning material and videos, one is bound to clear the paper and have A+ certification. So study well and have the certification.

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