An Insider's Guide to the New SAT

Exam: SAT Test - Scholastic Assessment Test: Reading, Writing and Language, Mathematics

The modified SAT uncovered lately is set to bring a ‘smash’into the common core principles on the upcoming entrance exams on major universities.

1. Do you have a reason to be nervous?

Now don’t panic just yet. It isn’t due in the next three years. In case you are to graduate in two years’time, then you are already spared. Are you a ninth grader as of this time? Chances are, you will have to get rid of a habit. Do you have the tendency to disregard test questions you don’t know the answer to? Would you rather leave it blank than speculate a wild guess? If so, then practice the art of guessing as early as today. WHY? Because the new SAT will no longer consider guessing as an offense. IS THAT A GOOD NEWS? Yes of course. Did you know that your test score would no longer get penalized for the correct answers that are assumed as ‘only a guess’.  You may soon be able to make random choices if you are totally clueless. But don’t rely on this. Better yet, practice studying even harder. Know what you need to learn. So you won’t have to GUESS?

2. Do not get paranoid on vocabularies.

You don’t have to memorise all the meanings. Just put more attention on words that have more than one definition and know where it is appropriate for usage. While you’re at it, check out for common ‘problematic words’ and misspellings. Learn the proper usage for semi-colons and split infinitives.

3. Visual aids are helpful tools for learning.

The way things are interpreted on charts and graphic layouts give readers an overview with just one glance. Don’t get intimidated the next time you see these things. Try to spend a few seconds looking at them. You will see an entire overview in just few moments.

4. Practice writing good essay…Advanced Placement Standard!

Yes. You read it right. I repeat, AP test style.  So that means you can no longer make up stories and flower your write-ups with nonsense. The essay writing part will now be a mind-blowing experience not only for you, but also for the reader. WHAT?! Well, that’s because you are to strictly follow a set of rules this time. A topic will be assigned to you, which you have to analyse in deep thought. Your essay will be based on the document. You either make a comparative review or an argument style of writing. But don’t worry; you will have more time to compose your thoughts. Fifty minutes!

5. System for scoring is back at 1600 maximum.

In case you didn’t know, the system is primarily used until 2005 when they revised the maximum score to 2400.

6. Study your math on a more complex level.

Analyse the problems and be more technical. Some portions of the exam won’t let you take a peek at your calculator. An SAT exam on mathematics is known for its difficulty. As years progress, it only becomes more perplexing. So study and know your techniques in Data Analysis and Problem Solving.

7. Expect applied topics in realistic concepts.

Start reading the latest news and current events. You will encounter similar subjects during the SAT test. Check out BBC or CNN daily. Browse the Internet at least once in a while for significant world happenings.

8. Have a background study in Political Science.

This is rather an engaging topic and brings awareness to the legislative bills and polices on human rights, liberty and citizenry. The SAT test will incorporate these subject matters at any point of the exam. Familiarise yourself on these global issues.

9. Test papers and pencils still rule at the SAT exam.

In spite of the growing online trend on testing administration, the SAT still use the conventional form. It is cheaper than GMAT that will cost you around $250.

10. Still, make use of the available online tutorials.

The College board will be providing mock tests online so that you will have adept knowledge and skills by the time you face the real SAT. Isn’t that good?

Who will have the advantage?

• If you are good at logical reasoning, comprehensive reading and analysis of data, you won’t have a hard time during the SAT.

•Do you like to self-study? Then good for you.  Try to solve your puzzles in your own sweet time. You will have an edge.

•If your current school holds argumentation and debate on principles and philosophical values as well as decision-making executions, then you are on the right track!

•When you avail tutorial lessons on the upper-class level, they will help you master the techniques for reasoning instead of tricky tactics.

•If you can acquire the Khan Academy paraphernalia. It is after all, FREE.  But if you are more privileged, then get a personal tutor. It will only work to YOUR ADVANTAGE.

What disadvantages await and to whom?

•For those who avail testing preparations from large companies that offer so much but are not sourced from the authenticated test administrators.

•If you have difficulty with the time frame at present, which lets you finish at 3 hours and 45 minutes, the upcoming changes will include additional minutes  but is intended for essay writing.

•It will be confusing and cumbersome to analyse the graphs and charts to those with disabilities in learning. The visual process and spatial will be a challenging undertaking.

•If you are unable to think clearly when pressed with deadline, then you need to adjust your time management attitude. The essay test will give you additional 25 minutes to put your thoughts together, so take advantage of that and make no more excuses.

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