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Exam: ACT Test - American College Testing: English, Math, Reading, Science, Writing

The ACT is an exam that many student fear since it will end up determining their future and which college they get admitted to. The exam is mainly undertaken by high school students who are just about to finish so that they improve their chances of getting into a good university. When the test first began in 1959, it had four main sections, the Natural Sciences, Mathematics, Social Studies and English sections. The Social Studies section later on was changed to Reading section while Natural Sciences test was changed to Science Reasoning test. The main skills that are assessed by the ACT include mathematics, reading, writing and English skills. The ACT is used purposely for the admission of fresh undergraduates into universities and Colleges in mostly Unites States and also Canada.  The total duration of the ACT is 3 hours and 25 minutes, this is excluding the break provided. The ACT is offered six times in the United States and Canada while in other countries it is offered five time a year. The ACT measures the development of the applicants' skills and ability, which include the capability to complete college level work. Each of the sections test for different abilities in the candidate to check whether they are prepared for college education. The ACT together with the SAT are the main standardized test used by colleges to assess students.

Availability of the ACT in the US and Canada

The ACT is done six times in the US and Canada. Let's have a look at the test dates availability between 2014 and 2015:

  1. September 13, 2014 is the first-test date this year. One is required to be registered for the exam before August 8th, 2014. If one is late for registration they can apply between August 9th and 22nd 2014, but they will be charged a late fee.
  2. The second-test date in 2014 is October 25. The registration deadline is September 19th. If one delays they have to register between September 20th and October 3rd, also a late fee is charged to the applicant.
  3. The third-test date for the ACT and last in 2014 is December 3rd, 2014. The deadline for registration is November 7th. One can register after the deadline between November 8th and 21st, whereby you will be required to pay a late fee charge.
  4. In the year 2015, the exam will be on the February 7th, and the deadline is January 9th. One can have a late apply between January 10th and 16th and will have to pay the fee charged.
  5. April 18th is the next test date in 2015, and the deadline is March 13th. Late applications should be done between March 14th and 27th, where b the applicant will pay a late fee charge.
  6. The final test date for the ACT in the year 2014-2015 is on June 13th, 2015. The deadline will be May 8th. If one is late, they can apply between May 9th and 22nd whereby they will be required to pay the late fee charged.

These is the ACT test date for the year 2014 to 2015. The testing fee for the ACT is different. For Applicants who want to do the exam without attempting the Writing section will pay approximately 38 US dollars. For those who want to attempt the Writing section will pay approximately 54.50 US dollars. For candidates who are outside the US and Canada they will have to pay an extra fee of 37 US dollars. There are other additional registration fees and services that one will have to pay depending with what they want.

Availability of the ACT to students outside the US and Canada

Students who are outside the testing territories of US and Canada, they will have to register online. One is supposed to open an ACT web account which is free to open in order to register for the ACT exam. One is required to provide certain information so as to register for the test and payment is through a valid credit card. The exam test dates for students outside the US and Canada are similar to the one for students in the US and Canada.

Standby Testing

In case one misses the late registration for the ACT test date, once can choose to sing into their ACT account and request to pay for the standby testing.  The stand by test also has a deadline period in which one has to request before the time is up. Standby testing has conditions that apply to it. One has to adhere to all the conditions that apply to the standby test, so as to attempt it.

Availability of the ACT scores

Once the candidate has attempted the exam, they are eager to know how soon they can get the scores. Most of the ACT scores are usually available for online after the first 2 weeks of each national or international test date. The ACT score reports are usually available after three to eight weeks after each test date. If the applicant did the Writing Test section, they would have their score released only after the scores of the other sections are available. This is usually five to eight weeks after the test date. Scores of the ACT cannot be provided over the email, fax or telephone.

As a candidate, all these information is imperative to you. One can be able to plan and also know when the ideal time it is for them to attempt the exam. Everyone who sits for ACT aims to get a high score, which can only be achieved by effectively preparing for the exam and each section of the ACT. In the long run, all you want to do is get into a good university.

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