How to Obtain CPT online?

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In the 21st century, numerous courses are accessible through an online platform. However, only a few organizations offer the CPT through an online platform.

To obtain a CPT online, you could either enroll for the online training course in the organizations that offer online training. After going through the online training program, you could then proceed to register for the examination with an organization that provides the certificate through an online platform. Alternatively, you could go through online training in an organization that offers both the program and a certificate.

You could obtain CPT online if you possess a Cardiovascular Resuscitation (CPR) or an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) certification. You could also obtain the CPT online without possession of any certificate in the fitness area. There are organisations that only give online CPTs to the former category of individuals only and those organizations that give online CPTs to the latter group of individuals.

How do you Obtain online CPT if you have a CPR or AED certificate?

One of the organizations that offer online personal training program to those with CPR or AED certification is the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA).  The AFAA course has the topmost certification standards for personal trainer in the field and gives participants the opportunity to study independently at their own convenience. In addition, there is a overseer to monitor and authenticate the system thus giving participants assurance of quality and validity of the course.

What does the online program entail?

The program consists of video lectures. The best thing about this online course is that it meets the requirements of the National Board of Fitness Examiners (NBFE) besides being the first organization to offer a safe, trusted and convenient personal trainer course in the industry.

A course offered at the AFAA is, therefore, inclusive of online, overseer  monitored multiple-choice exam and an online practical exam invigilated by an AFAA instructor through the AFAA’s proprietary, safe Multitraining Live conferencing system.

How do you study?

As aforementioned, you study at your own speed. You stream and watch a total of 14 video lectures, read the study guide downloaded from the AFAA’s website and attempt sample multiple-choice questions. After completing these actions, you proceed to watch a short reviews of the lecture videos to remind you of the key points contained in the lectures you have watched.

Furthermore, you will have a real-time, online session with AFAA instructors via Multitraining Live. Multitraining Live is AFAA’s interactive, real time group conferencing system. The online session lasts for only 50 minutes; however, a participant can be part of the session for an extra 50 minutes at a cost.

How will you be examined?

In the same way that you studied independently, you will also be examined independently.  The examination consists of 120 multiple-choice questions answerable in  two hours and a practical exam, also independently monitored; both tests are accessible through an online platform.

You are required to complete the course one year after the date that you registered. Nonetheless, you can push the date you are to complete at a cost (prevailing cost is $40).  To pass the course, you must pass the multiple-choice as well as, the practical exam.  In addition, they must produce their prevailing CPR certification and the AED certification. The limitation of taking this course is that CPR and AED certification obtained through an online platform or home-study courses are not acceptable.

How do you obtaining the online CPT without possession of the CPR or AED certification?

The Expert Training Online Personal Trainer Certification (ETOP-CPT) is one of the few organizations offering both the online certification program and a certificate. The ETOP-CPT is the only such organization which has been ISO certified. For this reason, you will rest assured that although done via an online platform, the CPT program you will go through and the certificate that you will eventually acquire is credible.

The design of Expert Training Online Personal Trainer Certification ensures that it meets the needs of people who aspire to take a career in the fitness area and desire to hold certificates that show their competence. Not only is the course friendly to those with a clue about personal training, but also to the amateurs in the fitness industry.

If you have no experience in fitness and health, you will find a course offered at the ETOP-CPT friendly.

How do you study?

To undertake this course, you must have internet access, an email account, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Safari and Mozilla Firefox  Web browsers. It will also help if you are familiar with medical terminology and anatomy.

You will have to go through more than 120 animated and thoroughly detailed exercises. You will have to go through about 150 pages of the Expert Rating Online Personal Trainer Courseware material too.

How will you be examined?

The examination consists of multiple-choice questions that you answer through an online platform. All the questions come from the content in the Expert Rating Online Personal Trainer Courseware. You take the exam at your convenience upon completing the course which could take 1-4 months or more. Thus, you can take the exam one year after purchasing the Expert Rating Personal Trainer Certification, which prevailingly goes for $69.99.

If you do not pass the exam, you can repeat it at a cost (prevailingly $10).  If you successfully pass the exam, you will immediately receive your certificate through mail. You do not have to produce a CPR or an AED certificate. The good thing about the certificate is that it does not bear the word “online” in it. Like other certificates acquired through other platforms other than the online, it is accepted as a valid certification.

Concisely, one can obtain online CPT regardless of whether he or she has a CPR or an AED certificate. 

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