How to use mind maps for you CISSP training

Certification: ISC CISSP - Certified Information Systems Security Professional

The chart of a mind map is often a diagram utilized to signify words and phrases, thoughts, chores or additional items associated with and also fixed radically about the middle key word or idea. It is utilized to generate, see, structure and also classify thoughts, in addition to being the help with study, group, difficulty dealing with, and also conclusion creating. It is the image-centered diagram in which symbolizes semantic or additional connections involving helpings associated with data. Simply by showing these kinds of connections in the radial, non-linear aesthetic way, the idea stimulates the brainstorming method of almost any presented organizational process, reducing the particular challenge associated with at first building the intrinsically appropriate or relevant conceptual structure to work within.

How to create your own mind map

For the purpose of creating your own mind map, you need do some extensive research or buy some expensive software; you can do this process easily and for a very cheap amount of 30 USD. Access the website to create your own personalized mind maps which can help you further learn about the examination topics in detail. Further, if you do not want to pay even the 30 USD, then you need to go to the source Free Mind. Free Mind is absolutely free and can be accessed by the link and create your own mind maps for free in the website.

Benefits of the mind maps

The mind maps offer you a wide range of benefits which helps you in the certification exam. Make sure you have created mind maps for all of the 10 domains listed in the CISSP sections and topic list. What mind maps will help you in is mapping out your thoughts over the topics that you are learning in a defined process such that the human brain is able to follow the path and understand the topics. Doing this process helps you remember the things in a more effective order of the things as they approach and what topics are you learning. Do not make use of the mind maps that are created by other peoples as it is not going to help you much and you will only see yourself repeating the same problem as the earlier person.

Hot to make best use of the mind maps

There are a few things to do which can help you make the best use of a mind map. These can be listed as:

  1. Completely well-designed next regarding HTML hyperlinks located inside the nodes, whether it is internet hyperlinks or perhaps hyperlinks in order to nearby data files.
  2. Via really earlier variants, mind maps supports flip and that is its crucial property or home. Fast one-click navigation, as well as flip and unfolding using one simply click and also next hyperlinks using one simply click as well (you don't have to help make selection involving fast next regarding hyperlinks and also fast fold/unfold). You possibly can go the particular guide by simply pulling the particular map's backdrop and also applying mouse button tire.
  3. Unnecessary smart drag n fall, such as the likelihood in order to duplicate nodes or perhaps duplicate type of nodes; pulling and also dropping regarding a number of selected nodes; dropping regarding text messaging or perhaps directory data files coming from exterior.
  4. Smart replicating and also pasting in, as well as pasting regarding hyperlinks coming from HTML or perhaps structuring the particular pasted articles by the volume of primary rooms inside a line; pasting regarding lists regarding selected data files
  5. Smart replicating and also pasting coming from, as well as simply textual content and also RTF (MS Word pad, MICROSOFT Phrase, MICROSOFT View messages).
  6. Foreign trade regarding guide in order to HTML, having flip and locate ability, in which discovered items tend to be revealed 1 by 1 since you accomplish "find next", and also the guide will be unfolded limited to the present merchandise.
  7. Opportunity to work with and also edit prolonged multiline nodes; in spite of newlines and opportunity in order to decorate nodes having built-in symbols, colors and different fonts. Report function permits you to browse the data files on your computer, viewing the particular folder composition since thoughts guide.

Weak spots for the mind maps

There are also some weak spots of the mind maps which when kept in mind can be made to turn into a positive one. These weak spots include:

  1. Your assistance regarding photos throughout nodes is at preliminary period. If you want to transport a guide around with you, you need to take care you consider the particular graphic data files with you.
  2. Mind maps are essentially just one person app unless you have downloaded it from the software and kept in the system memory. Even though end users may throughout basic principle work about the same guide, there's merely preliminary fasten to avoid fights, right at that moment, turned off by default.
  3. With unusual situations, next regarding HTML hyperlinks inside the browser rule isn't followed upon several PCs; a similar retains for cracking open nearby data files.
  4. Limited assistance for expensive design of the mind maps. You will need to make sure that you have downloaded the software mentioned earlier in this article and have created a mind map for each of the 10 domains in the field.

The mind map is comparable to the semantic community or cognitive chart but there are no proper limitations for the types of hyperlinks applied. Sun and rain are fixed with ease based on the significance about the particular aspects and perhaps they are prepared straight into collections, offices, or places. The actual uniform visual formula in the semantic structure associated with home elevators the process associated with get together expertise, may possibly assistance recall associated with present memories.

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