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While listing to on online gmat I felt I am in live class as the environment created by the teachers was so nice.Though I do believe, Actualtests gmat questions have to make the Quant part a bit tougher, particularly the initial homework assignments and videos.But in verbal they did a nice job.In my case,verbal is my weakest point & Actualtests gmat math questions took my skills to a very high level,from 20 to 33.I strongly recommend Knewton course for anyone who wants to reach the high scoring ground of gmat test questions.Good luck To Actualtests team Roy

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I spent the majority of my Actualtests gmat question courses studying, as my instructor created an environment that encouraged learning, but more importantly caused me to implement those strategies more efficiently. It randomly selected individuals to solve problems in front of the class, and utilized the various Actualtests strategies in order to demonstrate their correct use, and the time allotment for each step. My main concern for every test I take is maintaining good time management. I am now able to feel more confident.Thanks, online gmat prep questions for everything Gerry

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I think the Actualtests gmat essay questions are a great tool to get you up to speed course details, and how to approach each type of problem. The gmat questions online are perhaps an even greater asset. The online Quiz Bank has thousands of problems, with answers and explanations. Lessons and workshops are also available online.It is a really helpful foundational resource, I think that it definitely does need to be supplemented, with doing a great deal of problem work straight. Stephen

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A great course to get your feet wet. Expensive, but worth the money.Actualtests's gmat question examples helped me focus on my weaknesses and gave me a strategy to not only improve my weaknesses, but to turn them into strengths. It is more than worth your money. Though I felt the actual lessons on mathematical properties were not as useful, because of my current skill set. However, the gmat question examples did a great job to teach how best to beat the test, using strategy to eliminate answers and get the best answer in the least amount of time. Bob

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