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I had done no preparation and went into this gmat test class completely blind. I feel that was a good decision because the test gmat is all about strategy. You can study certain topics until you have them memorized, but without the Actualtests free gmat test training you will waste time during the test and be generally inefficient in your efforts. This training online was wonderful and helped me get to a place where I could do independent study/practice to boost my score those last couple points I needed to reach my goal. Reymond

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I tried a number of gmat testing lessons -Actualtests gmat test online is by far my favorite. There are countless gmat test online tools at your disposal to provide the practice you need to feel confident on your test day. I would definitely recommend taking advantage of all the resources available online. Take the practice questions and exams. One can finish the preparation with in 3 to 4 weeks and best part is the recorded sessions. You can view them at your own convenience which is fantastic to improve week areas.I recommend them. Roger

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I love how organized Actualtests free sample gmat test is. It's not easy to run an online academic organization -- but they're pulling it off very well. The teachers are extremely helpful and they reply to your questions via email in a timely manner. Of course the best part is I never have to leave home. I truly thought I was hopeless, but studying with Actualtests online gmat test in the comfort of my own home has really helped ... my score has improved 100+ points in the gmat test format. I'm hoping for an even bigger increase. Smith

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I got a great deal on gmat test scores...it was on sale one weekend. I immediately purchased the class. The best part about the gmat practise test is that it is located in a virtual classroom. You never have to leave the comfort of your own home, worry about traffic, et cetera. Another great thing about the course is that it enables one to work at his or her own pace. Also, you may revisit lessons as many times as you'd like. It's a wonderful course. Thank you Actualtests for all of your help! great gmat test scores for a small price Patrick

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