1D0-430 Questions & Answers

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1D0-430 Questions & Answers

Exam Code: 1D0-430
Exam Name: CIW Application Developer
Vendor: CIW

Last update: Jun 09,24
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CIW 1D0-430 Exam Tips

Consider the following Java code fragment: NamingContext ncRef = NamingContextHelper.narrow ( orb.resolve_initial_references (" NameService ") ); nameComponent [] path = { new NameComponent ("B", ""), new NameComponent ("A", "") }; org.omg.CORBA.Object o = ncRef.resolve (path); What is the purpose of this code fragment?

A. The code fragment attempts to extract an object reference named A maintained within a naming context named B.
B. The code fragment attempts to extract an object reference named B maintained within a naming context
C. The code fragment attempts to extract an object reference A of data type B.
D. The code fragment attempts to extract an object reference B of data type A.

Consider the following IDL definition: 1. module Stocks 2. { 3. interface Stock 4. { 5. string symbol; 6. float price; 7. }; 8. 9. interface StockFactory 10. { 11. exception Symbol Not Found { }; 12. 13. Stock getSTock (in string symbol) raises (Symbol NotFound ); 14. }; 15. }; Which statement correctly describes this IDL definition?

A. The IDL definition properly defines a factory object that may be used to obtain a reference to a Stock object.
B. The IDL definition cannot be compiled due to an error at line 13.
C. The IDL definition cannot be compiled due to an error at line 5.
D. The IDL definition cannot be compiled due to an error at line 11.

Synthia is the administrator of a web site running Microsoft Windows NT. She notices since her web site was advertised on another popular web site the number of visits has increased diagrammatically. Synthia site appears to be running and she suspects that the slow down is hardware related. Which step Synthia should take first to investigate the slow down?

A. Analyze the system performance using the Windows NT performance monitor. (correct)
B. Purchase another server to speed up the bottleneck.
C. Rewrite the application code to better use the hardware that is in place.
D. Use a site diagnostic tool such as web trends to monitor site statistics and discover that which pages are running most slowly.

We have a hardware slowdown, and the best way under Windows NT
to analyze the situation is to use the performance monitor and determine where the
bottlenecks are. From this she can determine which hardware resources are
insufficient and overloaded.

Alison is testing her new web server. She executes the following command in the telnet session: Head/ hello.http /1.0 Assuming that Alison's is working correctly what will this command return?

A. The command will return the hello.html file.
B. The command will put the hello.html file in a header file.
C. The command will retrieve only the header for hello.html. (correct)
D. The command will echo Alison's message back to her.

This is the directive to extract the header for the hello.html file.

With the Windows NT server tools installed on a Windows 3.1 or Windows for Workgroup 3.1 workstation, which of the following choices can be used to create and remove shares on Windows NT systems?

A. Share manager.
B. Server manager. (correct)
C. Share administrator.
D. Profile manager share menu.

Server manager is one of the server tools, and can be used to manage
Shares on Windows NT systems.

There are no entries in your primary domain controllers security log. Which of the following choices best explain this situation?

A. Your maximum log file size is too small.
B. No security violations have occurred.
C. Event auditing is not turned on. (correct)
D. The security log has been turned off.

Event auditing determines which events are recorded to the security
log. By default, security auditing is not enabled, and requires manual customization
to select events.

Which of the following is a characteristic of a Linuxconf program?

A. It can be used to install device drivers.
B. It is a command line program.
C. It can be used to configure a system hostname and IP address. (correct)
D. It can be used to install new applications.

Linuxconf can be used to configure the hostname and IP address. It is
a GUI application that is also used in the maintenance of Linux users.

Albis is a system administrator for a large network. He is troubleshooting a server SS problem but he can't remember the IP address. Which of command should Albis execute to determine the IP address even if he is not at the system?

A. Tracert.
B. Nslookup. (correct)
C. IPconfig.
D. IFconfig.

Well, we are assuming that the server is properly registered in DNS.
By issuing a NSLOOKUP command, from any system,
Albis can find the IP address of the server. Note that the QUESTION NO: says "even if he is not at the system".

A workstation with IP address and subnet mask is unable to see NT server David in its browse list. David's IP address is with the same subnet mask. The workstation cannot ping David's IP address. Which of the following is the most likely cause of this problem?

A. The workstation needs to point to a WINS server that knows David's IP address.
B. The default gateway on the workstation is wrong. (correct)
C. TCP broadcast forwarding is not enabled.
D. The workstation's domain account has been disabled or has expired.

The workstation and the server are on different subnets. The only way
to get the traffic to cross subnets is via a router. This requires the proper definition
of the default gateway. The default gateway is used when a packet has to be routed
to another subnet, and is the address of the router that will move the packet. In this
case the default gateway must be wrong.

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