1D0-442 Questions & Answers

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1D0-442 Questions & Answers

Exam Code: 1D0-442
Exam Name: CIW Enterprise Specialist
Vendor: CIW

Last update: Jun 10,24
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CIW 1D0-442 Exam Tips

You are using Windows NT 2000, and you just installed an e-mail server. You create 100 new user names, one for each member of your company. The marketing director asks you to create a new e-mail address called marketing@company.com. However, she wants this address to deliver mail to janedoe@company.com. Which of the following is the most effective solution?

A. Enable masquerading, then create a new e-mail account and masquerade the janedoe account.
B. Create a new e-mail account called marketing, then enable forwarding for the janedoe account.
C. Create an alias named marketing for the janedoe account.
D. Create a forwarder named marketing for the janedoe account. (correct)

By just creating a forwarder, e-mail for marketing can just be routed
to Janedoe's account.

Alfred is the Linux system administrator for a small network. He thinks that the network is being compromised, so he installs a network-based intrusion-detection system (IDS). By installing the IDS, what compromise is Alfred making?

A. Alfred's network gateway will be compromised while the IDS is running.
B. Alfred's network may see a decrease in performance as a result of the IDS. (correct)
C. Alfred's proxy server will not function correctly while the IDS is running.
D. Alfred's network may be easier to navigate as a result of the IDS implementation.

The addition of any monitoring tool which has to stop and inspect
packets is going to add to the processing time, and deplete system resources. As a
result, there will be a decrease in performance.

Sven is a network administrator for a small network, and is installing Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS). As he is configuring the default web server he leaves the default directory as wwwroot . Sven places a document called index html in the directory, then tries to access the directory on a web browser, but the server sends an error message. Which is most likely reason than Sven received an error message?

A. Files cannot be accessed from wwwroot , it is a virtual directory.
B. Sven needs to create a virtual directory that points to wwwroot .
C. Sven needs to change the default setting to a new directory in order to access the file.
D. Sven's web server is set to access default HTML rather than index HTML on the default path name. (correct)

On IIS there is a page for default documents. These are the documents
that will be searched for when a HTML document is not specified on the URL.
Index.html is not one of the defaults. But. It can be added by modifying the
properties page for that default web site.

Which service is an example of a Mail Transfer Agent (MTA)?

A. Sendmail (correct)
C. Microsoft Exchange Client
D. Netscape Messenger

sendmail is the industry-leading Mail Transfer Agent for Unix platforms.
Note: The MTA is the server responsible for delivering mail between hosts until the mail
arrives at the Message Delivery Agent(MDA).

Claude is a systems administrator for a small network using both Windows NT and 2000 systems. He suspects that someone has been accessing his FTP sites inappropriately, and he wants to examine the NT/2000 logs to evaluate the activity. What should Claude do to accomplish this task?

A. Stop the FTP service, and open the log files for FTP in the directory off of WINNT\System32\ Logfiles (correct)
B. Stop the web service, and open the log files for FTP in the directory off of WINNT\System32\ Logfiles
C. Stop the internet information server, and open the log files for FTP in the directory off of WINNT\System32\ Logfiles
D. Stop the Windows logging service, and open the log file for the FTP in the directory off of WINNT\System32\ Logfiles

Just stop the FTP service, and go to the folder in
winnt\system32\logfiles. Each days log file will be a txt file in that directory, by date.

Blaine is the administrator on an intranet consisting of 14 Windows NT servers, 5 Linux servers and 1,250 client machines. The client machines are currently able to access web sites and information on the Internet, but are having difficulty accessing the intranet servers. Blaine is running only TCP/IP and she has confirmed that each server has a static IP address. Which step should Blaine take to solve this problem?

A. Install a DHCP server and configure the scope to include the IP addresses of all company servers.
B. Install a DNS server and configure the scope to include the IP addresses of all company servers.
C. Install a DNS server and configure the scope to exclude the IP addresses of all company servers.
D. Install a DNS server and create entries for all company servers. (correct)

The client configurations appear to be correct, since they are working
with the Internet. Each Intranet server has a static IP address, so the addressing
structure is there. Most likely a DSN server is needed to translate those IP addresses
(on the internal servers) to a name. When accessing the Internet, DNS servers on the
Internet are probably being used. Now, DNS functionality needs to be brought onto
the local network for the internal servers.

Felix is a system administrator. His manager asks him to install a peer-to-peer network in the corporate office, which includes ten users. The corporate office does not have a server. Which of the following choices is the best reason to discourage this solution?

A. Peer to peer network are less secure because they do not centralize access control. (correct)
B. Peer to peer network has too many intra structure costs for such a small implementation.
C. Peer to peer network administration requires advanced networking skills so phoenix would need more training.
D. Peer to peer networking is not ported by any of the major network operating systems.

In a peer-to-peer network, each peer is responsible for its own security
and access control. So, in a small network of 10 users, you have 10 system
administrators - each securing its own machine. This is a decentralized form of
administration. The central form of access of control is more secure because there is
one person administrating the network, and the administration is more uniform
across all nodes.

One of WINS's main functionalities is to cut down the amount of ______________ in a Windows based network.

A. broadcast (correct)
B. routes
C. address leases
D. ping
E. arp
F. None of the above.

According to webopedia.com: WINS - Short for Windows Internet Naming Service, a
system that determines the IP address associated with a particular network computer.
This is called name resolution. WINS supports network client and server computers
running Windows and can provide name resolution for other computers with special
arrangements. Determining the IP address for a computer is a complex process when
DHCP servers assign IP addresses dynamically. For example, it is possible for DHCP to
assign a different IP address to a client each time the machine logs on to the network.
WINS uses a distributed database that is automatically updated with the names of
computers currently available and the IP address assigned to each one.

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