12 secret tips to do well in CCIE Routing and Switching

Certification: Cisco CCIE Routing and Switching - Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Routing and Switching

Routing and switching task being more popular among all the CCIE tracks, it is one of the most difficult tracks among all the available tracks for Certification. They are not only the toughest tracks but also the basic components of networking. Routing is most important phenomenon for selecting a proper route or direction of the packets or data in a network while switching is one of the basic necessity for transmitting the available information into a cluster of items with similar properties which vary from other information.

CCIE Routing and Switching is one of the rising and better track for the purpose of certification. To get certified as an Internetwork Expert the candidate must successfully complete the written and lab examination with good marks which makes the Cisco Certification task more effective. Routing and Switching expert should be able to solve complex problems related to connectivity, improvement of the bandwidth, performance maximization and global support. For every problems, examinations and tests, the easier ways and techniques to do well always exist, and there are also some tips and techniques to perform well in CCIE routing and switching.

  1. Accumulate proper study materials for both written and lab examination

    It's the successful completion of the CCIE test on Routing and Switching which leads to certification on Routing and switching as an Internetwork Expert. Proper reading materials are the most important stuffs for passing the test. Collecting the resources well for study purpose and learning all the important topics listed on the blueprint of the CCIE exam workbook certainly leads to better performance in Routing and Switching track.

  2. Proper knowledge on Lab equipments

    Lab tests and lab works are impossible to perform without lab equipments. The lab equipments differ from one lab to the next lab. Proper and effective use of the lab equipments result in better ways of solving the problems on routing and switching and operating the lab operation on Routing and Switching in efficient manner. To do well in routing and switching the lab work plays a major role and the verification of lab equipment after their use is more important. Validation by Cisco Online System Engineer aids in validation and verification of the lab equipments. Uploading the lab sheets related with recent task performance also assists in verification of the equipments.

  3. Train yourself well

    Text books and handbooks are not always enough to pass every examinations and in case of Routing and Switching, just reading the available text book seems impractical and may result in bad performance in Routing and Switching. There are several institutions and IT based organizations which have been providing all the trainings required for Routing and Switching, ranging from basic to advanced training courses. Self searched online training and online portal can be some medium for training oneself. Video mentoring can be the best simulation and training for the lab of Routing and Switching.

  4. Practice on Real scenario

    Routing and Switching is a practical subject rather than a theoretical subject or track among other CCIE subjects. As per the research made among engineers it is found that 40% of reading and 60% of practice, either by writing or lab works in Routing and Switching makes the reading and preparation more effective. Thus practice can be a secret tip to do well in Routing and Switching. GNS3, an awesome device can stand as a platform for practicing Routing and Switching as this device does not stimulate the performance but emulates the situation as a real practice scenario. The real scenario practice is always found to be a technique to perform well in practical subjects.

  5. Prioritize the basics of Routing and Switching

    When you neglect the basics of Routing and Switching, before the CCIE test, the only thing left to do will be regretting. You may neglect the basics and focus on the advanced topic on Routing and Switching which leaves you unknown about the basic and in most of the Networking areas, what you need is the basic of routing and switching like Subneting and knowledge of simple protocols and networking device.

  6. Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting in Routing and Switching is one of the basic pre-requisite for doing well in CCIE. In real life scenario of networking field the task often assigned is solving and resolving the problems. The best way of troubleshooting is having proper knowledge on every simpler protocols and routing and switching devices as there are no peculiar ways to troubleshoot in any network problems. Thus, proper knowledge on Troubleshooting somehow stands as a secret tips to do well in CCIE R&S.

  7. Time management

    It is the most important pre-requisite for performing well in every specific field. Routing and Switching field too needs a proper management of time to acquire good results for Certification. Better allocation of time in study, lab work, training and seminars with emulations and simulations can surely enhance the performance of the candidate and help to do well in CCIE R&S track.

  8. Training videos and Seminars

    Video mentoring for the purpose of simulating the lab work related to Routing and Switching is the best idea of coping up with the problems and solutions of the problems in this specific field. Seminars organized by Cisco itself and other IT organizations will be more fruitful for doing well in Routing and Switching field for CCIE.

  9. Study group formation

    The formation of group including peers related with same track of Routing and Switching makes the learning process more effective which in turn stand as the secret tips to do well in this track.

  10. Reducing the stress

    Taking contents of Routing and Switching lightly before the exam after full preparation for the CCIE test can reduce the pressure during examination time and examination will surely get on the right track as wished and prepared.

  11. Consulting with seniors about Routing and Switching test helps the candidate to perform well because experience matters a lot during examinations.
  12. Confidence before the exam and during the preparation for CCIE test surely results a better performance in CCIE.

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