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Certification: Cisco CCIE Routing and Switching - Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Routing and Switching

Routing and switching task being more popular among all the CCIE tracks, it is one of the the toughest tracks among all the available tracks for Certification. It requires loads of preparation and proper guides to complete written and lab exams with good results to assure one about being a Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert.  Finding proper resources is the first, the most important and foremost step in attaining the certificate as an expert and claiming oneself as an expert on Internetwork.

Since the examination of CCIE is divided into two sections, namely written test and lab examination, the resources required as a guide too differs for written and lab examination.  The guide that meets the preparation necessity of written exam does not meet the preparation requirements for lab tests.

Guides and resources for written exam

The written exam includes 90 to 110 questions including multiple choice questions and also some simulations that helps in accessing the skills required to conquer the topics listed in the exam blueprints. Since the questions pattern or the question itself may vary within examinees, they should have proper knowledge on what sort of questions they may face in the examination. The problem of not knowing what to prepare can be solved by an useful guide or resource, that is:

  1. CCIE Routing and Switching Written exam blueprint:

    The blueprint on the above topic suggests the candidate of certification to go through the official study guide by writers like Rus Healy, Wendel Odom and Denise Donhouse. Since these writers are official writers on Cisco Certification, this guide would surely be useful for every candidates to get familiar with the test they are going to appear. Almost 90% of candidates are found to be using this blueprint as a major guide for preparation.

  2. CCIE Routing and Switching (4th Edition ):

    This book on is considered as the bible written on Routing and Switching. This 1080 pages book specifically encompasses on the certification on routing and switching track and its objective. Rus Healy, Wendel Odom and Denise Donhouse the well known name on this field has written this book like the exam blueprint they have written earlier. Writers have made their intention clear in the books to help candidates by including every small stuff required to develop basic and advanced topic in Routing and Switching phenomenon.

    Below are some bundles of book which includes some more books as a group within themselves to help candidates in specific fields.

  3. Vendor Independent:

    It is kind of a basic reading materials and a bridge to march towards implementing the Ethernet technology and other peculiar routing and switching information.  This bundle includes book namely:

    • Second edition of Bridges, Routers, Switches and Internetworking Protocols: helpful for Interconnections.
    • Fifth edition. Volume 1 of  Internetworking with TCP/IP : essential for Switching and connections
    • Second edition of The Protocols: useful guide for  knowledge of TCP/IP
  4. Cisco press:

    This bundle of book includes following useful guides for CCIE preparation:

    • Routing TCP/IP volume I and II, for CCIE professional development.
    • Second edition of Internet Routing Architectures
    • Developing IT multicast networks: Useful for designing and deploying Cisco IP and multiple networks
  5. MPLS  Fundamentals:

    This book takes the candidate to a very advanced level from a basic level and even includes the information for lab tests and equipments.

  6. CCIE Routing and Switching study group:

    The learning network of Cisco has formed an online group of study for effective learning and easiness of the want to be Internetwork Experts. Asking questions and sharing ideas that may be helpful are the basic mottos of this group which has stood as an useful study guide or tool for the examinee.

  7. Bruno van de Werve’s Blog :

    He is known as the person to have taken the Routing and Switching field to the next and higher level.  Being a businessman, to develop his business cycle he has helped in developing every phases in routing and switching phenomenon and has been helping with his ideas in his own blog by answering the queries of every candidates.

    Frequent visit of the blog can also stand as a useful guide for routing and switching.

    All the above mentioned and explained guides can really be useful while facing the written test for certification of Internetwork Expert. Some study guides that may become best for preparation of lab examination for examinees are:

Useful Guides for lab examination

1)  Volume I of iPexpert’s CCIE R&S v5 Technology:

It is a blend of focused practice lab scenarios developed with the view of providing students the capability of dealing with protocols, ideas and techniques involved in version 5 of this toughest track.  This book includes, almost 188 scenarios which take 20 t0 45 minutes in average to complete.

2)  Volume 2 of iPexpert’s of 8 hours mock lab scenarios:

It is  a blend of full five virtual lab session which gives the students the idea of coping up with all technologies which allows which takes them to different understanding level with respect to increasing complexity of the lab session.

3)  Workbook mentoring (Online):

This video tutorial has been developed and designed to take the scenarios of lab session into deeper level. This video tutorials consists technical teams all ready to help the needy clients and students. The best point of this video mentoring technique is that clients can know and watch the mindset of the technical experts during troubleshooting and configuring the network, routers and switching devices.

Various seminars and review on mobile Routing and Switching can be more fruitful and can stand as best study guides to prepare for the certification test on Internetwork Expert.

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