2 weeks study tips for MCAT exam

Exam: MCAT Test - Medical College Admission Test: Verbal Reasoning, Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences, Writing Sample

The MCAT is referred as a medical college admission test. It is a computer based standardized exam for the prospective medical students. It is proposed to assess the problem solving, written analysis, critical thinking, and knowledge of the scientific principles and concepts. Before 2006, the test was a pencil and paper test and from 2007, this exam has been a computer based.

The MCAT exam comprises of multiple choice questions and designed to assess the skills and knowledge. The scores are reported in the verbal reasoning, biological sciences and physical sciences.

The candidates who have less time for preparation need to concentrate full time to excel in the MCAT examination. Everybody wants to learn everything within a short period of time. There is no secret to score well on the MCAT, if you really work hard and follows correct strategies and tips, sure you can score better in the final examination.

First week study tips:

Plan your schedule and stick to it. Most of the candidates have the questions that how long it will take to prepare for the MCAT exams, if you work hard for 2 weeks full time, you can score better than the other candidates. Studying for the MCAT need full of passion and dedication. Put a hold on other works and spend more time for the preparation.

No matter that who you study with, how you plan or what books you use to study, the fact is if you keep on trying those whole things, you won’t get any time for preparation. Don’t change your plan, study material and studying method time to time. Once you have settled with one material and plan, just continue the same thing for the whole preparation.

Instead of trying to cram the head full of the unfamiliar knowledge at the last minute, regularly review the content of the material in the particular order. Don’t just simply concentrate on one particular session. To succeed in the MCAT test, the candidate required to score better marks all the sessions equally. Dig out all your organic chemistry, general chemistry, biology, physics and math books and test yourself to examine the strength and weakness in the process. This type of review will help the candidate to focus on certain things which requires more time for preparation. Shape yourself mentally and physically.

This MCAT is the high stake test which will shape the rest of the candidate’s medical career. Contact the pre health committee head and confirm that there was any free resources your college or institution might have. There are so many free offline and online resources available over the internet. Find the study material which covers the necessary topics and check that whether the new syllabus covered and they following simply old syllabus. In the MCAT study notes, you can get lots of of the essential formulas, concepts, approaches, physiological systems and terms you like to learn.

First of all, prepare mentally, because it will be a great challenge that could prove the candidate worthy of becoming a certified doctor. Don’t care about the preparation time, this time will vary from level of knowledge and personal circumstances.

Check that whether you applied for the MCAT exam, because this exam require to register and apply earlier. Create a regimented study schedule which will help you to establish and make you on tasks.

Focus mainly on studying right material. Identify the topics which will be easy and which is easier for you. If you had with the certain topics, spent less time or avoid it while studying altogether. In the least time, it is difficult to cover all the topics, so concentrate more on the topics which you feel easier at first.

Second week study tips:

While preparing for the first mark all your trouble and doubts in separate sheets and take a look at them with the help of a supportive tutor or by with your colleagues. Make sure that your practice in a correct way. Practice makes perfect, like that practice more for the MCAT exam as much you can in the given time limit. For instance, be sure to finish all the practice questions and test under the time constraint, as you can develop the bad the habits that will be difficult to reverse if you are not using the pressure of the time from the outset.

Take a look on the initial study period and grasp about whether or not you have used practice question and set at more than an evaluation tool, but as a means of learning. There are so many vendors offering free online practice questions for the MCAT, so make use of the opportunity to learn better and score better on the final examination. Once you take the practice test, you can find which topics need more attention and in which topics you are excellent. From that sample, concentrate more the weak topics and analyze how to improve scores on the particular topics.

Make use of the flash card and learn all the concepts which means understanding them and memorize the necessary facts and reactions. Keep all the flashcards in the same pile as well as shuffle frequently. The topics are almost intertwined on the MCAT exam. It will help you learn how to bridge the information.

Make a look over each practice question as well as understand the problem solving skills and facts you required in order to answer the question correctly. This will also help to maintain a running list of the facts which you didn’t know during the practice to review in the 2 or 3 days before the MCAT examination.

After hours of study session and practice test, it is essential to culminate the study efforts with the well planned test day.

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