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Exam: MCAT Test - Medical College Admission Test: Verbal Reasoning, Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences, Writing Sample

Performing well on the MCAT test is definitely one of the challenging tasks in preparing for the medical school.  Learning for the MCAT will provide you an intense experience if you plan it properly. Proper planning and attitude is necessary to succeed in the MCAT exam. You need to spend some extra time for the preparation too.

Schedule plan:

Before starting the MCAT preparation, it is essential to know the importance of the test and why you need to do it. If you are really specific about the MCAT test, then go ahead and learn well.

As it is one among the most important exam for the doctors, they need to pass this test to fulfill their career dream. It is not at all possible to pass this exam for just few days preparation. It requires lot more passion and dedication to prepare well and to pass the MCAT test. Make use of the book and materials available for the MCAT exams.the best MCAT study resources have a great resale value. So you can buy any material which is really worth and helpful for the MCAT preparation. Look at the calendar and fix yourself how many months or weeks you have left for your exam study. Plan accordingly by scheduling each section for the particular time period depends on the time you have in your hand.  Hardly spend about 6 to 8 hours per day for especially preparing for this exam. Simply and planning something and doing something else, will never mean anything, so make a perfect plan with the topics and follow it religiously even you are not autistic. Separate your days and weeks for each session to learn likewise.

Register as early as possible to take this test due to a limited number of spaces at each of the test center.

Assess weakness and strength: 

Each one has a different type of learning attitude. This will start at the different angle in their preparation and knowledge. Whatever may be your preparation style and attitude, it is most important to examine the weakness and strength to find out what you don’t know and what you know about each session. It is advisable to take this sample by yourself. If you are weak in critical thinking  and strong in sciences, check whether you have needed time for the preparation. Be strict with yourself and take the test.

You can also do this assessment by means of free MCAT practice test. It is an invaluable tool to check the knowledge and skills you acquired till date. Once you have done with this diagnostic test, start to find the right resources.

Getting the right resources to the study from:

It is essential to get the right materials for the MCAT preparation. The content of the MCAT requires you to know the 4 science subjects of organic Chem, physics, biology, and Gen Chem. Additionally, you are required to critically read the verbal passages and also write the MCAT type essays. Using undergrad books for the MCAT preparation is a waste of time. The perfect resources can provide you surplus information and techniques to solve the questions in a better way. Selecting the correct resource for the MCAT plays an important to succeed in this exam.  If possible, collect the materials from neighbors, friends or relatives who have already appeared and passed the exam.

Get practice test:

The MCAT is the unique exam. It is not just math or science, it covers 4 necessary subjects. If you failed to take the practice test before appearing for the real exam, then it will be difficult for the candidate to write the real exam. It is necessary to be familiarized with the stamina, pacing and format of the MCAT exam. You need to be comfortable with a critical thinking as well as application of concepts to the passages format. Train yourself to complete  the exam within the given time limit. 

Don’t spend more time, which you already know. Maximize the preparation time for the weak areas.

Track Progress:

It is necessary to track yourself. It will give you an idea how you are preparing and where you need to make correcting in your study process. Find the thing, where you are making mistakes while taking practice tests. It is a time consuming process and will assist you a lot.

Learn the topics covered on the exam and what cognitive skills may assess for the each section.

  • Verbal reasoning
  • Physical sciences
  • Biological sciences
  • Physical sciences

Discover yourself what topics you have covered and what skills will test on the exam. Review the test which you took and examine where you mistake and why it becomes wrong.  Make the outline of what you completed each chapter and what has to cover in the remaining days. Take the online practice, because the MCAT final exam is computer based, so that you need to know how to answer the question in the PC. Memorize the necessary definitions and formulas. Examcracker is one among the popular service provider where you can find many tricks as well as catchy methods to remember the most difficult things. It will help you to sort out the complicated questions and concentrate more on it. Learn how to find the best answer among the options. Mostly out of 4 answers, 2 will be most less related answers. You just require to find the suitable and perfect match for the questions.

Learn more about endocrine hormones and its functions, you can expect more questions directly and indirectly. Don’t spend too much time on the section and it is a waste of time. Give equal importance to all the sections and keep the time constraint in mind and prepare likewise.

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