5 Myths about getting your online GED?

Exam: GED Test - General Educational Development Test: Social Studies, Language Arts - Writing, Science, Language Arts - Reading, Mathematics

General education development (GED) is a certification program that consists of four subjects which, when passed, certifies that the person has American or Canadian academic knowledge. Although GED is frequently mistaken by “general education degree” or “general education diploma”, GED trademark, which is owned by, American council on education, started the program to identify tests of ‘general education development” that measures one’s knowledge in science, mathematics, social studies, reading and writing. GED allows one to complete their high school and have equally equivalent to high school credentials, in majority of the United States and Canada.

Don’t get duped by fake degree

The program is conducted by authorized official GED testing centers in United States and Canada. Despite of the fact that it provides one the opportunity to complete ones high school it comes with lot of misconceptions and misnomers. A lot of fraud online portals are there that claim to give you certification but are fake. These online programs are so misleading that when you go to use your documents you come to know that, your GED are fake and are just a piece of paper. These online schools advertise that, they are accredited by the national education department but they are often made up and are fake organizations which simply buy accreditations without being reviewed. Besides wasting time and money on these online sites, one should go to authorized testing centers.

5 Myths about getting your GED or High School Diploma

Myth 1: The GED is easy.

Truth: Though many people manage to score good in GED but it is not at all easy exam. The GED test all the skill and knowledge that has been acquired during high school, which requires one to be knowledgeable in wide range of areas including science and social studies. Background knowledge should be sound to answer some of the questions; therefore, one should not hope to clear the exam merely relying on logic and common sense. Preparing for the exam in advance is essential to clear it with a good score.

Myth 2: Colleges accepting the GED in place of a high school graduation diploma is very small.

Truth: This is a myth for around 60% of the individuals who take GED test with the motto to go for further education. Most of the colleges give value to GED score just as they value high school graduate diploma. In fact a round 98% of the colleges accept GED scores, so your college will accept the GED score as well. In fact before applying, keep in mind that it is possible that college will set its own minimum GED score. So before the submission of application do check all the necessary requirement of admission. It may be possible that you were asked to give standardized exams i.e. SAT before giving admission.

Myth 3: To achieve success I have to score minimum overall GED score in each of the sections of the GED test.

Truth: Most of the jurisdiction set a minimum score that you must score in each of the sections to pass the GED test, but the individual section score are pretty less than the overall score. For example, the overall passing score is 300, this means on average you have to score greater than or equal to 300. However the passing score for each individual section may be 250. So, if you didn’t score well in one section, you still can manage to pass by performing better in the rest of the sections, which will improve you score. Above all keep in mind that you are allowed to re-take individual sections of the test, for e.g. If you didn’t do we in one section but we in rest of the sections, you can re appear for the test in that section next time.

Myth 4: GED test is online.

Truth: Never ever believe anyone who says this to you, this is absolutely incorrect. There are a number of online sites that says you can have your GED score by giving a simple online test. One who passes the test receives a piece of paper in their mail which exactly looks like GED certificate. Individuals who are victimized find out later that the piece of paper is useless when they apply for college admissions on that so called certificate. But by that time, the person have lost his/her time as awe as money. So never take GED test through such websites other than the authorized testing centers. Visit the website of American Council on Education’s top locate an official testing center nearby you.

Myth 5: Speaking to someone who has cleared GED, I know what will come in the test.

Truth: The GED test can be taken throughout the year; there are measures that are taken to ensure that persons don’t know what is there exactly on the test. There are a number of versions of GED that are being used at the official testing centers at a given point of time in United States. So, besides wasting time, you should study we the materials you find on GED than merely relying on the details that you have from a person who have cleared the test before you.

Some other checkpoints:

  • Always check for grammatical mistakes on the websites.
  • Live chat customer service ads.
  • Missing graphs or data in the exam.

Checking these points will ensure you that you don’t waste your hard earned money on those sites that only lure you that, by giving a simple test will fetch you GED certificate. Think twice before being victim to their professional looking websites and bogus accreditation claims, after all you are trying to finish your high school, right?

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