Can students with disabilities take part in GED exam?

Exam: GED Test - General Educational Development Test: Social Studies, Language Arts - Writing, Science, Language Arts - Reading, Mathematics

GED exam is often mistaken for “General Education Degree “and sometimes it is also taken to be “General Education Diploma”.But it is actually an Initiation by American as well as Canadian Education Council and this actually stands for General Educational Development (GED).It is the test which is inclusive of 4 different subjects which when passed a candidate can exactly earn the high school degree.This is seem to be productive to those who couldn’t complete their education due to several reasons.This help them earn high school equivalent Credit.In this exam the proficiency of math’s ,science ,social study or writing and reading is measured  .The test is taken from computer and also in a person. This is the subject for those who couldn’t complete their education due to some reasons and this has been the best options for those who have been with some disabilities or are in some term differently able. Disability has been straightly addressed and implementation has been made to help the disable people.

It was seen that, before GED exam, lots of people disable people couldn’t get their education due to their inability to compete with those who are able. Later with the starting of the GED exam many of the candidates from the disable unit have tried to join this one and most of them have received the degree to pursue their career. It is really appreciable that the disability is no more a problem to create a setback to your career or your dream. Even if you are disabled and you are worrying that your education will now go nowhere, let me remind you that GE takes your responsibility.It will guide you and make you as able as the other one of them.

Disabled person can also take part in the GED exam.Those who are willing to take the test and are disabled should have documented proof of disability.With this they are supported with the accommodation that the GED provides for the disabilities The disability accommodation are provided to those disables which the GED enlists in their rules. The candidate’s disability has been sorted down to Physical, Emotional, cognitive and Hyperactivity Disorder. Those with Physical Disability (which includes low vision, blindness, hearing impairment or even mobility impairment) are regarded as Disable.Those who are suffering Dyscalculia ,dyslexia ,written language disorder or receptive aphasia are enlisted in the Cognitive Disability and they are also regarded to be Disable and are liable for Disable accommodation that the provided by GED for them. The category of Emotional health disorder includes Tourette’s Syndrome, bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia.Some other disabilities like Hyperactive-impulse style, inattentive type deficient are those in the list of Hyperactivity disorder.All these candidate can actually apply for the GED accommodation.For this they have to fill up the form completely as per the GED Testing Centre Rule.The accommodation that the GED will provide to those who are disable are :

  • Video Equipment
  • Audio Cassette test
  • Vision –emphasizing technique
  • Braille or Large Font Book
  • Talking Calculator or abacus
  • Extended time tester
  • Single language interpreter

How To get Assisted for GED Exam if you are disable

To get assisted for GED exam is definitely easy due to the GED testing Centre.The exam centre demands you to fulfill the form that they keep for their personal records.It is also very easy to fill the form. Either you can fill the form yourself or you can ask the Centre to help you fill the forms. It is to be strictly remembered that GED will help you get the high-school degree and you should not mess with it by giving away fake details. Those conditions are strictly prohibited and we may even charge heavy fine.

Any disable person is supposed to fill up any one of among these two of the form.

  • Learning Disabilities or Hyperactivity Disorder (Form L-15 )
  • Physical Disabilities or Psychological as well as Emotional Disabilities(Form SA-001 )

After the form has been filled completely and after you have recorded the information that had to be recorded what you have to do is submit the form to the GED Testing Center.Every request on the Disability accommodation will be dealt on individual basis.After viewing your documents and taking care of the supporting evidence,if you fall on the category of disable as mentioned by the GED Exam you are provided even with the accommodation to help you excel with your study.

It is also a serious case that the GED address .It also opens up that if a person is disable physically but if he doesn’t have supporting documentation than the Centre will not be able to supply the candidate with the accommodation.Since the charge of accommodation is null ,any disable getting accommodation will be in high relief and support. So the announcement has been made that if the candidate thinks that he is in one of the category of disability as mentioned by the Centre but lacks the that case what he has to do he contact his/her state’s Rehabilitation Office where he had get his tests gone and get approval for the documentation. If necessary you can even contact on 1-800-346-2742 or leave your message on

Thus GED has been very much friendly with the disable student.Now on longer you need to sit depressed just because you cannot go to college for all studying.Just by GED exam you are automatically as credited as the one who has completed the degree with the examination. To sum up-Yes! GED does take care of disable people and Yes! They can participate in the exams as well.

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