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EXIN is an independent examination institute that wishes to become the world's leading provider of independent information management certification and accreditation. It is also their belief that ICT (information communication technology) professionals should be included along with doctors, lawyers and teachers in the category of people professions who need extensive accreditation. A certificate validates their skills and increases their career opportunities. EXIN itself does not provide training for their exam, as they state that objectivity is needed in the process of certification. It does however, have a list of partners that provide training that are EXIN certified.

About the exam

The IT Infrastructure Library exam is one of the most well-accepted IT Service Management (ITSM) in the world, with over 1.5 million holders. The exam consists of the best practices drawn from the business and public sectors. EXIN provides certification for all levels of ICT professionals, from Foundation level to a range of Intermediate level certifications (CSI/MLC/OSA/PPO/etc...) to Executive level certifications. A list of all EXIN ITIL exams is available here.

The number of question and topics differ from exam to exam. The Foundation level exam has 40 questions, and is passed over a 65% mark (26 out of 40 questions). The questions for the Intermediate level certifications are equal in number to the topics, and usually range from 8 to 10 topics/questions, and are passed over a 70% margin. All certificates are received in digital format once results are released. A hard-copy will also be received if order for it was made. All exams are taken online on a computer that meets the EXIS exam regulations (has a viable webcam, microphone, etc…). Your PC must also pass a bandwidth connection test. Some exams also ask you to hold a certain number of “credits” or “points” as an extra pre-requisite. Details can again be found on the official EXIN ITIL site. The exam page on the EXIL main site will have any other requirements, prerequisites certifications, target group and content specified. If you are in doubt, visit the EXIL FAQ section here.

What do I need to do to receive my EXIN ITIL certificate?

First off, you must book your exam. The computer on which you take the exam must pass a couple of tests for it to be compliant to EXIL policies. It must have a valid microphone, webcam, and must also pass a bandwidth test. Once you have booked your exam, you will receive an e-mail inviting you to take your exam. The e-mail will contain an exam code that you will need to activate in order to take the exam. If you do not activate it within 2 weeks you will not have to take the exam and will receive a full refund on any payments made towards that exam. Any registration must be done directly through EXIL at their main site with the “Book your exam button”. The length of the exam depends on the exam type, but should not generally last longer than a couple of hours. If you so desire, you can retake that exam the same day you fail/finish it. However a break for further study is advised.

Once you finish the exam online, you will receive a preliminary result. Then, within 2 weeks of finishing, you will receive an e-mail notifying you that your final results have been posted. Once you get your final results, you can download a digital copy of your certification (if you passed). The digital copy is an official recognized certification. A hard-copy will be delivered if asked for. The certificate will be sent to the address that has been provided and confirmed by you. It may take up to four weeks for your certificate to be delivered, depending on where you live.All this is done from the Candidate Portal.

Once you have finished your exam and got the results you should be able to download your digital copy of the exam without much discomfort. The digital copy is a valid certification, and is recognized like any other hard-copy. Thus, printing out a copy is all left to your discretion.

The Master Qualification

There are few that can truly call themselves a “master” at something. And I’m not talking about the old guru-Chinese types that practice kung-fu, but IT masters. Getting an ITIL Master Qualification virtually means that you know pretty much all that there is to know about the subject. The target group that is most probable to take the exam is service management practitioners and consultants, with quite some work experience in the field. But, like any great power, it comes at a cost to match. The prerequisites of this exam include having taken the ITIL Expert Certificate in IT Service Management, and around 5 years job experience in upper level managerial or consultant positions within the industry.

Also, the qualification for this exam is completely different than any other exam of the genre. Assessment is done by written submission and interview. The exam will feature two real-life practical problems that must be resolved by the candidate. There are specific study resources for the ITIL Master Qualification, available at the exam site. These include a presentation, a qualification proposal preview, and a FAQ section. As the exam is huge, so is its timescale: between six months and two years.


The EXIL ITIL exams are testimonies to the good practices and resolve of the certified technicians. They offer the best validation of skill by any standards, and are internationally renowned as nothing but the best. ITIL is the best framework for organizations to supply, use and support IT services. Companies need someone who knows the best practices in IT Service Management, and that someone is someone that has an ITIL certification.

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