EXIN ITIL: Foundation courses and their effectiveness

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ITIL stands for Information Technology and Information Library.It is basically one of the important certification that any IT enthusiast would yearn for. Generally It is very important for those enthusiasts to take the Foundation courses before they leap for something more complex and responsible. Generally although the courses are easy in a sense, they again might need some quality time from yours as well. With better foundation courses you can find it very effective as well as productive in a long run.ITIL package mainly makes the organization familiar with these new information tools that they can use in their day to day business presentation or data evaluation or they can also be used for the research cases as well.

The entire story of ITIL Course can be projected in 5 core topics which are

1) Customer needs Identification

2) Identification of IT drivers as per requirement

3) Design of Operational Services

4) Implementation of Services

5) Monitoring phase of services

The foundation course is generally suitable for any business manager of an organization that is tend to work as per ITIL.Apart from that even some IT professionals might take the foundation courses.

There are some very important content in the ITIL certification which might be helpful if one is intending to appear the examination.The topic seems quite tough at first but with continued study and practice the subject can be easily understood and exam can be easily passed.

Basically the ITIL foundation courses generally tests the candidates on following topics. The candidate who know well regarding the listed topic and excel which in this certification program are expected to much nice in this certification exam. The topics are listed below

1)  Lifecycle of ITIL service

2)  Service management (practice )

3)  Key models and principles

4)  Generics definitions and concepts

5)  Selected process

6)  Function

7)  Selected Roles

8)  Competence as well as training

9)  Technology and Architecture

Service Management: The main coverage of this topic is regarding the service concept and thus helps it get comprehended for practice as well. Under this topic the candidate must be able to discuss about the public domain.He must be able to address the ITIL concept along with its service concept. He should also understand the advances that ITIL can gift to the candidate. Extra knowledge on internal as well as extra services and its management must be addressed.The one with knowledge of stakeholder is benefitted in this topic. The study period is around 1 hr 30 minutes.

Lifecycle of ITIL service:

This part of the topic is all about the lifecycle and the inter-relationship between each component.The candidate should also deal with the integration of these topics as well. Apart from the complete knowledge of each phases of the cycle along with the scope and its objective is regarded of much importance. The study period is around 1 hr.

Generic Concepts and Definition:

All the terminology that are dealt to ITIL are dealt in this topic.Apart from the this topic also reflects the concepts that might be needed in the field of service management.

Key Principles and Models :

All the necessary principles of service management are dealt here along with the model that comprehends as well as keeps the accountability of the principles.


Every candidate should learn to explain the objectives as well as the organizational structure.Along with that one should be able to have complete knowledge on three other functions: Organizational structure, State and the Objective


With this unit one can exactly understand regarding the key roles and responsibility that is around the service management.

Technology and architecture: 

The main purpose of the topic is to make the candidate understand all about the automations and how it helps the expediting service process and to what level.

Competence as well as training:

From this unit any candidate can expect to have the knowledge of at least everything regarding the skills framework and the service management topic. This might also include some important training.

Mock Exams:

It is very important for every candidate to sit for the mock exam before they get into the real exam. This is not only boost their confidence but also help them find out where they actually lack and work on it to excel.This might not be compulsory but if you are in the mock exam you will definitely find the real exam much easier to handle.

Do I need Foundation Exam?

1)  If you are in search of some basic knowledge regarding the ITIL framework, understanding of the foundation exam is very necessary.

2)  If you are in the team of professionals or IT professionals who are working in the organization that uses or has adopted ITIL in the organization might need that as well.

3)  If you want to understand how to excel the quality of IT in your organization with the help of ITIL may be this foundation exam can help you.

4)  If you want to know how to use the technical tools so that you can be more expressive in the business program and all stuffs, you need foundation exam.

Is the foundation exam Effective?

If you fall in the category of those four reasons to get the foundation certification, you will really find the certification worthy.If you are business professional you will find it effective because now you can use more IT tools for business and then if you are the IT professionals it might be helpful for your job career. Also this is a job oriented certification so getting the certification means simply validation the whole skills that you have earned

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