Is CompTIA Security+ certificate the gold standard in industry?

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The information security is the growing and vibrant field and there is huge demand for the IT security professional than the other qualified candidate available to fill the positions. These open positions typically need valuable certification.  Most often, some certification required for these positions is mostly negotiable and hiring companies will take into consideration if the applicant holds any of the valid security certifications. However, there will be the pathway to achieve those positions by means of CompTIA security+ certification. This  CompTIA security+ certification is the most valuable certification for the IT professionals. It will open many doors of opportunities in the field of security and it offers other career improving benefits to the certified professionals.

Builds a strong foundation of skills:

It plays a more useful role in a career of security minded IT professionals and it is considered as the best way to reach the career opportunity in the IT security area. This certification will help the candidates and builds a solid foundation of the necessary skills and knowledge which will assist them to advance their careers.  While studying for this exam, it provides domain knowledge which you require for the most advanced certification later. This exam will not cover deep into the security subject like higher levels of exams, but it provides skills and knowledge tremendously while you prepare for the higher level exams. This security+ offers an excellent basic introduction to the field of security and is specially for a better entry point than simply jumping into it. It can also be used as an elective one to gain other certifications. Microsoft itself accepts this certification as an elective for the MCSA as well as MCSE certification and it adds a credit for other certifications too.

Get extra credit:

Most of the companies recognize this CompTIA security+ certification, which adds credential and extra credit to the certified professional.

Increases salary:

Most of the organizations and companies have also  made CompTIA security+ certification mandatory for the specific positions as well as many jobs add list this certification as a basic requirement. Some researches show that the certified professionals are earning more than the average non certified professional at the same position. The certified professional can make use of the CompTIA security+ certification for a variety of job roles such as a security architect, network administrator, security administrator, security engineer, system administrator, security specialist or consultant and information assurance technician.

Expertise and personal knowledge:

As a security professional it is necessary to stay updated with the current technology and techniques to perform better in the career. The security professional has to circulate a various message boards as well as mailing lists which is associated with the greatest and latest security happenings. It will be good well informed about the problems of a day, no matter which field that the candidate decide to get and this CompTIA security+ certification exam will assist you to stay informed the issues.

Demonstrate skills:

Every professional need to show proof that they have the sufficient credibility and knowledge which is required to perform the job role. In that manner, this CompTIA security+ certification helps to demonstrate that the candidate is fully committed to the security field. By gaining this certification, you can prove that you are dedicated and proactive to the career path. This valid proof widens the career opportunity and also provides effective trademark over the candidates who are without security+ certification.

It is the best security certification, which helps to demonstrate the basic security knowledge. It does not require any prerequisite recommended to appear for this certification. But CompTIA suggests that the security+ applicants gain the CompTIA network+ type certification, but it is  not compulsory. So that anyone one who are all working in the security field and take the exam. However, it is an entry level of certification, the still highly valued among the organizations.

The CompTIA security+ certification is the trusted credential in an IT sector. It covers most of the topics such as risk management, access control, organizational security, network infrastructure and system security. The security threats are now increasing in number exponentially and severity and the knowledge gap between the information security jobs as well as a qualified security professional is among the largest technical specialty. While considering this fact, there various studies and also salary survey proven that even in the troubled economy, most of the business plan to increase or maintain the spending time on the computer security personal, and there is no doubt that the CompTIA security+ certification is the most demanded one.

Most of the organizations employ CompTIA security+ certified professionals include general mills, marines, Air force, Army, Navy in US, Hilton hotels Corp, Unisys, Hitachi, Motorola, Telstra, Symantec, IBM, Hewlett Packard, Booz Allen Hamilton and Lockheed Martin. This CompTIA security+ certification is the stepping stone into the field of security.

The CompTIA security+ certified candidate can able reap a wide range of benefits by attaining this certification. It provides an  excellent path towards better career and future way. As it is an internationally recognized certification, it becomes required prerequisite for some job positions too. It provides surplus benefits to the candidates as well as organization. Due to its higher credibility and standard, the CompTIA security+ certification is considered as the gold standard in the industries. It is highly recommended that the professional who are all in the security has to take this valuable certification to sustain and prove their ability and capability to their industry. It guides the certified candidates to perform and troubleshoot the security related issues in a better manner. There is no doubt that it will widen and offer new job opportunities to the certified candidates. Most recommendable certifications for the security professional and other interested IT professionals.

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