What is the latest question pattern of CompTIA Security+ exam?

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The CompTIA security+ certification is the valuable certification in the information technology field. It validates the skills and knowledge of the information security professional with minimum 2 years of relevant experience in the administration or network support or adequate academic training. It is typically recommended that the applicant applies for the CompTIA security+ certification have some years of experience in the information security area.  It is the proof of your knowledge and skills provides you the edge over the other candidates.

Latest question pattern:

Before going through the CompTIA security+ certification exam, you need to familiarize with the question pattern to answer the questions in the best way. The candidates can expect maximum 90 questions in the actual exam. The exam is mostly multiple choice questions, which is also known as multiple guess. The answers will be given in the form of multiple choice type and can be considerably very simpler for the candidate when appropriate test strategies are employed. In that options, one of the common techniques used in test taking, specifically on the CompTIA security+ certification exam is to study the word association. In the provided options, 1 or 2 of the answer options will be mostly irrelevant to the questions. By means of word association, you can ensure that the choice is minimum associated with the correct answer. The CompTIA security+ certification exam is mostly easier and simpler when compared to the other certification exams, because it is a straightforward type and usually covers only the materials particularly noted in the CompTIA syllabus.

The candidate can expect different type questions can expect in the CompTIA security+ certification exam:

Multiple choice with the single answer:

The candidate is required to choose the single answer from the range of options by simply clicking the radio button.

Fill in the blanks:

The candidate required to type the missing text to finish the sentence.

Multiple choice questions with multiple answers:

The candidates are required to choose the range of options. They will specify the number of options to choose the answer.

Exhibit based:

Some of the questions from the above types can have special exhibits or evidence that the candidate must use to answer the question.

The candidates can expect the percentage of questions in the specific areas as listed below:

Infrastructure Security – 20 %

Communication security – 20 %

Basics of cryptography – 15 %

General security concepts – 30 %

Organizational and operational security – 15 %

The candidates have to concentrate more on the topics which has more percentage of questions. From the above list, you can expect a higher number of questions from the general security concepts topic. The exam format will be linear and computer based tests. The total marks assigned for this CompTIA security+ certification will be 100 – 1000 and the candidate required to answer the questions within the allotted time duration. The old question pattern only consists of multiple choice questions and the latest question pattern consists of multiple choice type, fill in the blanks, exhibit based and multiple choice type with multiple answers.

It is recommended to take the online practice test, it will make you familiarize with the CompTIA security+ certification question pattern. This method of preparation will help to answer the questions in a short time period during actual examination. If you are undergoing any training session from training institute means, make sure that they are following the same old pattern or new latest pattern released by the Comptia. It is essential to familiarize with the question pattern before appearing in the real exam and prepare according to the question format recommended by the Comptia.

The CompTIA security+ certification validates the candidates commitment to the security field. The business owners over all the industries like to hire professionals who keep their networks safe and secure. It is a credential on the resume that proves the ability to keep the information safe from the network security breaches. Like other certifications, this CompTIA security+ certification validates the candidate skills and make them expertise in their information security field or field which is associated or linked with the security. It has an array of reasons why you have to follow the latest question pattern for your exams. It is recommended for this certification only, to pass any certification you need to follow the new question pattern to face the exam confidently. Once you familiarize with the question pattern, you can able to start and answer the questions very quickly, which allows you to complete the exam within the given assigned period of time limit.  This valuable certification is act as a supplement of your existing career or a new career in the administration or networking. It expands the personal knowledge and make you as an expert and allows to perform the tasks without any assistance from peers or others. This certification is well recognized by the industries as an extra qualification which gives credential to the candidates. This certification includes the latest developments in the information security, which includes new cracking, patches, attacks and exploits techniques. Although being a security professional can be an exciting and rewarding career, it will also take the CompTIA security+ certified professional more than the simple certification to become the true specialists in the respected area. This will help to achieve the career goal in short range of time.

Preparing with the right material with right and latest question pattern is more important that the candidate must concentrate to score well in the CompTIA security+ certification. This will help to reach and pass the certification exam very easily with the right path. While preparing for the exam make sure that you follows the latest question pattern, so that you can able to answer the questions in the real certification exam without any hesitation or doubt.

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