What is new in version 8 CEH exam?

Certification: iSQI ISTQB - International Software Testing Qualification Board

The CEH is referred as certified ethical hacker. It is a professional certification, which is offered by an International council of E-commerce consultants. This EC- council ha snow released the most awaited CEH version 8 exam on 8th May 2013. This recent version of the CEH certification contains 20 of the very most up to date hacking domain. The old CEH V7 retired on 31st October 2013.

The ethical hacker is the person who is usually employed with an organization and who will be more trusted to undertake the try to penetrate computer systems and/or networks with the help of the same techniques and methods as a hacker. To be the hacker, first you require to think like a hacker.

While preparing for this exam you can learn how to test, scan secure and hack the systems. It requires an intensive lab environment to gain depth knowledge and practical experience with the most current necessary security systems.

New in the certified ethical hacker V8 exam:

The new version of certified ethical hacker exam includes the core content updates, the new hacking techniques, new content flow, pentesting components, new attacks and concepts and much more. Listed below are some of the few latest updates that the V8 focus on:

1.The new Hacking attacks are targeted to the mobile platform as well as tablet computer and countermeasure to secure the mobile infrastructure.

2. Existing threats to the operating environments which is dominated by the windows 7 and also other operating systems.

3. Security problems in the latest operating system including windows server 2012 and windows 8.

4. The new modules cover the latest development in the mobile and web technologies such as Apps, iOS 6, Android OS 4.1, HTML 5, windows phone 8 and blackberry 7 OS.

The main crux of developing a new certified ethical hacker V8 certification is to get the necessary skills for ethical hacking situations and penetration testing.

This certified ethical hacker exam will significantly benefit the site administrators, security officers, security professionals, auditors, and the individuals who are concerned about the network infrastructure integrity.

This exam is the world most advanced ethical hacking exam with 19 of the current security domain. The main goal of the CEH V8 is to assist the candidate to master in an ethical hacking methodology which can be used in an ethical hacking situation or the penetration testing. It provides the most demanded skills  which are highly in recommendable to hack the system. The CEH V8 is an internationally recognized certification for hacking.

Exam info:

The candidates required to face 125 questions in total in the given 4 hours test duration. The questions will be in multiple choice format and the test can be taken in at VUE, APTC and Prime Prometric.

The EC council researchers go deep inside covertly to extract the exploits and advanced attacks. Through this exam, you can learn how hackers operate as well as present hacking methodologies. It is necessary to work with the real threats and real life scenario by the real life experts in the field  while preparing for the exam to excel well in the exam.

Gain the global recognition as being the certified professional and attain the skills which helps to accomplish the career as an information security expert. The new CEH V8 covers most of topic such as:

1.. Ethical hacking concepts

2. Reconnaissance and foot printing

3. Enumeration

4. Scanning networks

5. Backdoor and Trojans

6. System hacking

7. Worms and viruses

8. Sniffers

9. Denial of service

10. Social engineering

11. SQL injection

12. Hacking into mobile platforms

13. Hacking web applications

14. Session Hijacking

15. Buffer overflow

16. Penetration testing

17. Evading firewalls, Honeypots and IDS

18. Cryptography

The best way to stop the hacker is to read the mind of the hacker how they work. This is the reason, that the CEH exam becomes more popular and recognized one. This exam helps to validate the candidate skills and knowledge that they have in the ethical hacking. The certified hacker can safeguard the system or network from the attack of the hacker. The only major difference in between the real hacker and ethical hacker is that the intent of an ethical hacker is never malicious. The CEH will basically come up with the strategies and new techniques to prevent the hackers taking across the systems. The certified ethical hacker is an investment for the companies looking to upgrade as well as fortify their online security measures.

By releasing the new certified ethical hacker V8 certification, EC council has gained the prestigious accreditation status of ANSI17024 ISO/IEC 17024. This new certification has come up with a tremendous update in different spheres. The main changes are happening in the content as well as content delivery systems. Additionally, they made many enhancements in the hacking tools by means of new technologies.

The new module mainly focuses more on the hands on experience on the mobile platforms, tablets, real time case studies, computer hacking techniques and hacking concepts. The new certification is considered as an invaluable certification for the both the organizations and professionals.

This new V8 certification offers the right and most latest security skills to the candidates. It is hugely demanded in the field of security by most of the organizations in the today’s real hacker. The certified potential hacker can detect the intrusion areas and potential threats in advance and the threats will be averted right at the beginning itself. It offers the valid potential to detect and hack the threats which is unnecessary and malicious to the systems or network with the organizations. In fact, the new certified ethical hacker V8 is the best security certification for the It security professionals.

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