What is the process of getting recertified on CEH?

Certification: iSQI ISTQB - International Software Testing Qualification Board

The certified ethical hacker is the professional which help to detect and hack the threats in the network or systems by means of skills and techniques. Hacking activities are the detrimental for the growth of the any business firm. It is important to understand the mind of the real hackers to prevent firms from potential security attacks. The companies are now taking steps to plug loopholes in the systems by employing expert CEH to protect the firm from attack by the hacker. The certified person can locate the vulnerabilities, which helps to safeguard the company from any damage.

An ethical hacker is more often referred as the process of penetrating the computers to which the person has the official permission to perform to determine if any vulnerabilities exist and also to take corrective, preventive and protective measures before the actual compromise to the system.

Due to its popularity, the number of candidates interested to take this CEH certification also increases. Simply gaining the certification will never work all the time throughout your career. The candidates have to get re-certification regularly to stay your certification active.

The Process of getting re- certified:

Every certification has a limited period of lifetime only. In that way, this certified ethical hacker also valid till particular period of time. After that the candidates required to recertify the CEH certification regularly at a regular interval of time which is allotted by the authority of the EC Council.

If the certified candidate earned the CEH certification, will have to achieve 120 credits in total within the interval of 3 years. If the candidate holds multiple certifications, the credits can be applied over all the acquired certifications. Although, effective on 1st January 2013, the CEH certification will have its own recertification requirements within the respective allotted 3 years. These credits can be earned on per year basis in between from the January to December 31. Of each year. The certified candidate must register for their credits.

From the year 2009, the Certified ethical hacker certification will be valid for the 3 years from the date of the certification gained. During the 3 years of the period, the CEH certification has to be renewed by participating in the EC council continuing education program.

The candidates who certified before 2009, their ECE period from 1st January 2009 to 31st December 2011. They are required to meet 120 ECE credits in total by 31st march 2012.

After completing the 3 year ECE program as well as meeting the requirements, the candidate CEH certification validity may extend for the another 3 years from the expiry month.

The EC council introduced in 2012 its ANSI accredited version CEH certification.

If you fail to meet the CEH certification requirements within 3 years assigned time frame, then EC Council will suspend the certification anytime. The suspended candidates will never allow to use the CEH certification logo and its related membership and its benefits. The suspended candidates have to remediate the suspension within 12 months from the expiry date in the 3 year time frame.

If you failed to meet the requirement of certification during the suspension, the candidate will no longer allowed to use the certification logo and its benefits. If the certification is revoked, they need to retake the CEH exam and pass the exam again to regain the certification.

The candidates whose CEH certification has been revoked or suspended due to the non compliance of the certification requirements may also send as an appeal by writing to the EC Council. This kind of appeal must reach the EC Council within 45 days of the date of revocation or suspension notice, offering information of an appeal and the reason for the non - compliance.

The main purpose of the Certified ethical hacker certification credential is to inform the public that the credential candidate exceed or meet the minimum standards, govern and accomplish the minimum standards for credential the professional information security expert in an ethical hacking measures, reinforce an ethical hacking as self regulating and unique profession.

This certification is the valuable which provides a wide range of benefits to the certified candidate. Hence it is important to get the re-certification properly and regularly in a particular interval of time limit to stay active.

Many companies expecting the CEH certified professional to ensure the IT security in their firms. To stay updated, it is necessary to follow the policies which related to the re- certification process. Most of the candidates are failing to update their certification, it is considered as a big mistake that the candidate doing. Like gaining the certified ethical hacker certification, you need to concentrate  on the recertification for every 3 years. While you are applying for the new career with expired certification, the effort to took to attain the CEH certification become waste and the certification become useless at that time.

Maintain contact with the ECE and follow the recertification policies to collect the recertification.

Protect your CEH certification by updating it regularly and periodically. This is not just a lifetime certification. Follow the necessary steps to collect the recertification or if your certification is suspended, just send an appeal letter to the ECE and provide valuable reasons for not renewing the certification in the given time period.

Most of the organizations will check the status of the certification, it is important that it must in active state while you are applying for a new job or it may require in current job too. So without any hesitation get your recetification for every 3 years. You have to follow some of the basic steps or collect credit points to recertify your CEH certification. Make sure that the Certified ethical hacking certification status must be active all the time.

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