10 questions to ask your MCSE: Business intelligence tutor

Certification: Microsoft MCSE - Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert

  1. I heard that the Microsoft has released the new exams and changes to attain MCSE business intelligence? Is true? Can you clarify how you are providing a path to attain this certification?
  2. Well! What you heard is right. The Microsoft changed the exams and certification from April 2014. As you are a newbie you have to start from the basic certification to attain the Expert level MCSE certification on business intelligence. The certifications are classified in 3 with respect to the SQL server. On that MTA- Microsoft technology associate is an entry level certification, MCSA – Microsoft certified solutions associate is the associate level of certification and then MCSE – Microsoft certified solution expert is the expert level certification. You need to pass the entry level and associate level type exams to attain the MCSE Business intelligence certification. The new changes will not affect the entry level – MTA and Associate level – MCSA exams and it will follow the same exams as of now.

    Here is your answer for MCSE - business intelligence exam path:

    Like you asked, the main changes happened only with the MCSE, but the exam numbers are same that of previous years. To attain the MCSE business intelligence certification, you to pass 2 exams such as 70-466 exam and 70-467 Exam. In short, all 4 MCSE exams include content which covers SQL server 2014. The 70-464 Developing Microsoft SQL server 2012 database will become 70-464: Developing Mircosoft SQL server database.

  3. Is the MCSE: Business intelligence course is right for me? How I can check it?
  4. This is the question which is asked by most of the fresh candidates. Let me come to your question. Do this easy and quick questionnaire to determine whether the MCSE business intelligence is a suitable course for you. Answer for the below questions as yourself.

    1. Do you like a qualification to certify which you are an MCSE?
    2. Do you like to have the qualification which displays your skills?
    3. Are you wishing to learn how to build, deploy and design solution that provides more data to more peoples over an organization?
    4. Do you have fundamental technology skills?
    5. Are you considering the career which involves working with the operating system and networking concepts?

    Ask this above questions for yourself, if you got 3 to more than 3 questions, then this MCSE business intelligence is perfectly suitable for you and your career. And I recommend you to register for the BI course right away to reap the benefits.

  5. Will I make more money or job if I earn this MCSE: business intelligence certification?
  6. I am sure that the MCSE: business intelligence, certified professionals are in high demand when compared to others. Still the MCSE certification continues to be the best and most popular and sought after the technical certification in the Today market. There are across 400,000 MCSE worldwide. The certified MCSE: business intelligence professional with 3 to 9 years of experience will get an average salary of $85,700.

  7. How much does the MCSE: business intelligence training cost?
  8. It varies based on how you prepare for the certification exam and years of experience you have already. According to the Microsoft certified professional magazine, the average candidate spent $7500 preparing for their MCSE: BI.

  9. Why should I get MCSE: business intelligence certification?
  10. This certification takes the charge of your career and it is just like an investment for your future. This qualification will guide you to design, deploy and build solutions which will deliver more data to more people. Should you interested in the career in security analysis, network administration, system engineer and system administrator, then attaining your MCSE: Business intelligence will be definitely a worth investment.

  11. Where I can find myself about my weak areas in Business intelligence certification?
  12. However, Microsoft MCSE exams offer feedback about the topics where the candidates require to develop their skills and knowledge further. Review the content in the skills measured section and honestly evaluate yourself. Go through the materials and explore the resources provided in a preparation material which is available on the exam details page, study group forums and Microsoft virtual academy.

    The another method to determine the weakness is by taking the MCSE: business intelligence mock test which is offered by most of the vendors at free of cost. It is an effective way to determine the weak areas in the business intelligence exams. However, passing this test will not guarantee the pass without your preparation and serious effort.

  13. If I do not pass in the MCSE, what can I do?
  14. You must concentrate on the weakest areas which have the highest percentage of questions for the real exam. Once you ready to retake the exam, fix an appointment as you will do normally and follow the retake policy before giving the retake exam. It is necessary that you must pay some amount whenever you take or retake the certification exam.

  15. How often I need to apply for MCSE: business intelligence re-certification? What will happen, I didn’t complete re-certification within the allotted time period?
  16. You need to recertify every 3 years, which are required to stay updated with the MCSE business intelligence certification.

    If you missed to complete the re-certification process requirement within the assigned time limit, your transcript will indicate that the MCSE: business intelligence certification status in inactive.

  17. Is it necessary to take the exam whenever one version of the product was introduced?
  18. Once you already gained the MCSE: business intelligence certification, there is no need to take the new product version exam. Just complete the recertification process regularly. If you are half the way towards the certification means continue the certification process new product.

  19. How can I find vendor for MCSE Bi certification?
  20. Check the vendor whether they have Microsoft accredited or not. Approach only approved vendors to take the exams and for the preparation.

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