MCSE Communication: which one is the easiest exam out of all?

Certification: MRP - Alcatel-Lucent Mobile Routing Professional

The Microsoft communication certifications are IT professional certification for the Microsoft products. Individual certification is received upon passing 1 or more exams. There are 3 major tiers are with the Microsoft system. The Microsoft certified solution associate is the associate level (entry level) certification, Microsoft certified solution expert is an expert level( intermediate level) certification. With that MCSE communication certification comes under the MCSE which is expert level. To attain this expert level certification, you need to acquire required MCSA certification to get eligible for the MCSE certification exam.

The MCSE communication certification holds the value in this competitive job market and it is a necessary one for a better career. It validates the candidate’s expertise in creating the consistent communication experience for organizations and connects people around the world.

To attain the MCSE communication, you need to pass 5 certification. In that first 3 exams to get certified as MCSA and another 2 paves the way to achieve the MCSE communication certification. To achieve MCSA windows server 2012 certification, the candidates required to pass exam 410- installing and  configuring windows server 2012, exam 411- administering windows server 2012 and exam – 412 – configuring advanced windows server 2012 services. After a successful completion of those first 3 exam, you can achieve required prerequisite MCSA certification to make you eligible for the MCSE communication exam.

Achieving this certification validates the candidate’s ability to plan, manage, design and deploy Lync server 2013 in the environment which includes Lync online and legacy services. It also confirms that the candidates can translate their business needs into a technical architecture and also design for the UC solution. This certification verifies candidates skills and knowledge around persistent chat, presence conferencing and IM.

However to achieve MCSE communication certification, you need to pass 2 exams such as:

Core solutions of Microsoft Lync server 2013 : Exam 336

Enterprise voice and online services with Microsoft Lync server 2013 : Exam 337

By passing these 2 exams, you can easily achieve this MCSE communication certification.

Easiest exam out of all:

In all the above exam core solutions of the Microsoft Lync server 2013 is considered as the easiest exam out of all the other exams required for the MCSE: communication. In fact, many of the candidates may think that it was one among the tough exams when compared to other exam. Both the 336 and 337 exam credential concentrates on using the Lync server to make highly reliable and secure communication system which can be accessible and collaborative from anywhere. This MCSE communication Exam 336 displays the candidate’s commitment to the current on the recent technologies via re-certification.

In this particular M20336 exam, you can learn to administer, configure, deploy and design the Microsoft Lync server 2013 solution. The exam mainly focuses on the Lync server 2013 enterprise unified communication features with the specific emphasis on the coexisting and migrating from the legacy communication services. By means of hands on experience you can create solution which includes persistent chat, conferencing and IM. This MCSE communication specific exam is intended for the telecommunicating consulting professionals and It consultants who play, deploy, maintain and design solutions for the unified communications.

The specific 336 exam prerequisite skills are:

Knowledge of the active directory domain service

Familiarity with the configuring and managing databases

Experience managing the software in the Windows server 2012 or windows 2008 R2 enterprise

Ability to translate the business needs into a technical architecture, and a design for the unified communication solution

The objectives of the core solutions of the Microsoft Lync server 2013 are as follows:

  • Prepare for the device deployment
  • Design the site topology
  • Use the topology toolbar
  • Manage and deploy clients
  • Use a planning tool of Lync server 2013
  • Lync 2013 user scenarios and features
  • The client Lync server 2013 and overall server architecture
  • The Lync server 2013 design and its components
  • Plan for the Microsoft solutions framework for the Lync 2013
  • Design documentation with the help of Microsoft office
  • The archiving service
  • Plan for device and client migration
  • High availability in the Lync server 2013 and configure it features
  • The tools for restoring and backing up the Lync server 2013 data
  • Import and export critical Lync server data 2013
  • Plan a server infrastructure
  • Prepare for the client deployment
  • The monitoring service
  • The software deployment strategy
  • Use management interfaces of lync server 2013

The objective may look tough while candidates looking for it. But the concepts and techniques used in the exams are so easy to understand and it provides more practical knowledge to perform better in your job roles.

The practical lab will help you to gain knowledge of the above objective very easily. Professionals may think that it will take time for the preparation and all. But it is not 100 % right. The topics are simple and easy to memorize and to gain knowledge through it. The exam 337 objective may be short but it is hard to thorough all the concepts. Most of the candidates can pass easily in the 336 exam when compared to the exam exams in the MCSE communication.

According to the recent survey, MCSE communication certified professionals produce an average of $90,000 per year. Although it is easier exam when compared to other exam. The content in the knowledge that the candidate gaining through this exam is comparatively high and huge too. One can easily identify the easiest exam by viewing the pass rate of the particular exam. In that way, this MCSE communication 336 exam is easier than the other. In fact, proper planning and preparation will make all the exams easier than other.

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