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The Microsoft MCSE: business intelligence certification helps to prove skills and knowledge in building, maintaining and designing the information and cloud ready database solutions. Microsoft has recently introduced some changes in the question patterns. Earning this certification will qualify the candidates for the position as a reporting engineer as well as BI. It also enhances the skills and knowledge of the Microsoft technology solutions such as active directory, server operating systems, group policies, DNS, monitoring and troubleshooting, terminal services, network infrastructure and much more.

Listed below are the question pattern on the  MCSE business intelligence exam:

The earlier type question pattern is different from the newer question pattern. In earlier pattern, the candidate has to face only multiple choice type questions within the given time. Whereas, in the latest pattern the questions will in the form of multiple choice type, hot area, build a list, reorder, build a tree, fill in the blanks (may be like a short answer) and drag and drop type. The marks will be distributed among the each division based on the syllabus and assigned percentage of marks in the topic. Sometimes test can be a simulation and adaptive questions might be asked. No case study type questions will be asked in this certification exam. The candidates can attend the MCSE business intelligence certification exams in different languages such as Chinese (simplified), Portuguese (Brazil), French, English, Spanish, Russian and Japanese.

In the multiple choice type questions, the candidates required to choose the best suitable option among the 4 given options. In the fill in the blanks type, the candidates need to answer the questions in a single word or maybe like short answers. This portion tests the ability of the knowledge and skills. During the drag and drop types questions, while attending drag and drop interface is displayed and the candidate has to drag each of the right elements onto the right spot on the left. This drag and drop questions are just a fancy version of multiple choice questions. In the hot spot questions, the candidates required to click on the right part of the diagram to answer to the question.

The most important thing in this MCSE question pattern. No one could not determine amount of questions in the multiple choice, short and drag & drop format. The number questions in the each MCSE business intelligence exam may vary one exam to another exam. It could be any amount of questions and of any type too in some cases. Most of the Microsoft exams like MCSE business intelligence, the exam questions are pulled from the pool of questions, hence in theory, no 2 exams of the business intelligence or any Microsoft exams are exactly alike.

The 70-467 for the credit of MCSE for SQL server 2012 business intelligence topics includes:

11% - Design the ETL solution

This part of the topics include a plan to deploy the SSIS solutions, design package configurations for the SSIS packages and design the SSIS package execution.

34 % - design the business intelligence data models

This session carries more weightage of marks when compared to the other sessions. It includes topics such as the design the schema, design the cube architecture, design a data warehouse, design the fact tables, create and design the business intelligence MDX calculation and design fact tables.

24 %  - design the reporting solution

This session includes topics like to manage and plan reporting services configuration, design the data acquisition strategy, design the reporting service dataset, design the business intelligence solution architecture and reporting for Sharepoint or manage excel services.

16 % - design the business intelligence infrastructure

In this section, the candidate can expect questions on design an auditing strategy and logging, design the backup strategy, design the SQL partitioning strategy and design the security strategy.

15 % - plan BI infrastructure

In this section, candidates expect questions on the topics includes a plan for scalability, plan for performance, design the automation strategy, multidimensional OLAP, hybrid HOLAP and relational OLAP, maintain server health and so on.

The MCSE business intelligence includes the following exams:

  • 70-461
  • 70-462
  • 70-463
  • 70-466
  • 70-467

The other path to the MCSE business intelligence certification through transition of current MCITP business intelligence 2008 certification to the SQL server 2012 through 3 exams such as exam 457, exam 458 and exam 460.

However, it includes various exams, the 70-467 are being just an example for the question pattern and the topics included and its weightage of marks. Follow the sample for the other exams too. No two Microsoft questions are similar and so it is necessary to know about the question patterns before applying the MCSE certification exam.

The candidates can expect marks on the related topics as per percentage of marks assigned to that specific topic as mentioned above. The higher the percentage, the relatively more questions that the candidates likely to find in that content area in the final exam. By passing this exam, the candidates can understand the SSIS deployment problems for the BI solutions, implement, and design the fact tables and BI schemes, learn SSRS such as layout, interactivity and report design and implement cubes.

However the MCSE business intelligence certification required various exam path. The question pattern for the each MCSE business intelligence exam will vary. The candidate has to follow this question pattern and it is necessary to learn how to answer those varieties of questions. As it is a computer based exam, they need to know how to operate the computer to answer the questions like hot spots and drag and drop options. The questions are divided and grouped among different sections. Each section varies based on the question types. It is necessary to follow the correct format of question pattern for the MCSE business intelligence certification exam to pass it in the first attempt.

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