4 week study plan for MCSE Desktop Infrastructure certification

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In the present IT market, the demand of skilled IT professionals is increasing at a tremendous rate. The IT companies don't only require a skilled professional, but these companies want an expert in his relevant field. If a professional wants to enter in his desired IT company, then he would definitely need a credential that can prove his IT skills and take him out of the crowd. The MCSE’s Desktop infrastructure certification is a such sort of credential which can help the professionals to achieve their goal.

The MCSE’s Desktop infrastructure certification is offered by the Microsoft for Remote Desktop operations on Windows server 2012 along with several installation methods. There is no other certification is offered by the Microsoft for such services. This certification requires five exams to be passed. After clearing these five exams you will earn MCSA i.e. Microsoft certified Solution Associate certification for Windows Server.

For the preparation of MCSE’s Desktop infrastructure certification, the candidates have to focus on both the exams i.e. 415 and 416. A proper study plan is required for the preparation. The candidates need to pay attention on the topics covered in Exam 415 and 416. For Exam 415, the following skills are evaluated :

  • Creation and maintenance of Desktop images.
  • Installation and design of desktop.
  • Plan and implementation of Remote desktop services.
  • Designing and configuration of desktop settings.
  • Management of Desktop infrastructure.

The individuals who want to prepare for the Exam 415 have to focus on such aspects and these aspects cover several topics. The preparation of all the topics is required to score in the exam. The knowledge of these topics is required, the determining of desktop installation options, planning the image management, the implementation of desktop security, management of desktop images,  implementation of user state movements, the uses of Microsoft’s toolkit in the installations, planning of the  updates to support the desktops and also the protection of desktop from data loss and malware. The monitoring of health and performance of the desktop machine.

The candidates need to prepare all these topics. Basically the weight of the questions from each topic is almost similar in the exam.  For the preparation of these topics, the candidates would need about  one to two week time for covering these topics.

The Exam 416 evaluates the skills of the following tasks:

  • Designing of the application environment.
  • Designing of the virtualization environment.
  • Designing of the application virtualization.
  • Designing of business continuity of Desktop and applications.
  • Managing the application environment.

The preparation covers the topics which these aspects contain, such as the designing of the applications, diagnosing of applications, installation of applications, installation of the applications by using configuration manager, designing and implementation of virtual applications, planning of the application updates, the strategy of the application’s security and monitoring of application performance. All the topics are contained in the Exam 416. The candidates should prepare these topics to score high.

For the preparation of both the exams, the time period of about four weeks is sufficient. In the first two weeks, the candidates should focus on the Exam 415. In another two weeks the candidates should prepare for Exam 416. But the candidates should have the experience of previous levels of exams which are Exam 410, 411, 412 for MCSA certification. After passing these exams, the candidates can take the next two exams for the Desktop infrastructure certification.  After passing the Exam 415 and 416, the candidate gets the MCSE’s Desktop infrastructure certification.

Labs should be used for practicing the skills:

The candidates also need the practicing of different skills covered in these exams. The practice labs provide the platform for the purpose. After completing the lab practice task, an individual can improve his skills in several fields such as the creation of images, Windows server installation, remote desktop sessions and the security of desktop, etc. These tasks would help the candidates to get an idea required for Exam 415 and 416 for the preparation of Desktop Infrastructure certification.

Practice test will help a lot:

After preparing all the topics covered in the syllabus of both the exams, the candidates should use practice tests for measuring the knowledge on every topic. These tests cover all the questions associated with the different aspects. These practice tests provide the experience of the real time exam because the level of questions and the pattern of the tests are similar to the real exams.

These tests are available online for practicing and the candidates can also appear in the mock test series offered by the training institutions for the individuals who are willing to prepare for the MCSE’s Desktop infrastructure certification. It is advised by an experts’ panel that preparation should be completed properly, but if the individual takes the mock tests for practicing, then he gets a cutting edge over the others.

Overview of the study plan:

According to the four week plan of preparation for the Desktop infrastructure certification, the first two weeks should be dedicated to the preparation of the Exam 415 and 416. Actually, it will take more than two weeks. After preparing all the topics of both the exams, The candidates should use the labs to clear the concepts of the different tasks covered in the syllabus. The need for the practical implementation for several tasks such as Windows server installation, remote desktop security, image creation, etc. is fulfilled by the lab practical. After completing the lab practice, the candidates should take mock tests for final practice of exam. This step of taking the practice tests will build a self confidence and all these steps should be properly followed in this four week study plan for success in both exams.

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