MCSE: Business intelligence is likely to undergo some changes?

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The continuous boom and updates in the IT industry requires no justifications. The demand for the It professional, especially with the MCSE business intelligence certification is highly demanded at almost most of the IT organizations. In such circumstances, it becomes necessary to grasp the technical skills and knowledge for the advancement of new technologies. With increasing technology and globalization improvements in  the IT and telecommunications, the business is desperate and require to invest in improvements in the decision making process. The older versions are not enough to provide more efficient business solutions. This is where the MCSE business intelligence comes in. This business intelligence certification will assist the candidates to analyze, collect, compute and interpret data associated with a business. This data includes the number of variables such as in house management decision to consumer market the results. It improves efficiency to provide better service, product or goods to the other businesses or consumers.

At present, Microsoft system has no plan to provide a new MCSA certification for the SQL server 2014,the most of the updates related to the features of the MCSE track only.

As long the technology and versions improve, then the MCSE business intelligence also changes accordingly by updating the new version. At first SQL server 2003 version gone and the version 2008, after some time this version also gone and the SQL server 2012 was launched before 2 years. Within 2 years of technology improvement the 2012 version also gone away and recent and newer version of 2014 in the data platform is available from April 2014.

Changes in the MCSE business intelligence:

The Microsoft official system was updated already in the April 2014, after a new platform launch. The associated 2014 SQL server was integrated into an existing certification exam for the MCSE business intelligence- 70- 466/ 70- 467 as well as MCSE data platform too.

The new MCSE business intelligence is quite different from the earlier MCSE business intelligence. The new MCSE is service oriented and it is more on the administering IT service in the building and designing the technology solutions. The core technologies are related to the data centers, clustering, storage management, virtualization and cloud computing are the new hotness  of this new MCSE program are very different in certification requirements and structure from the old MCSE business intelligence. The new updated exam will cover solutions based on both on the SQL server 2014 and SQL server 2012 products. There is no change happened in the exam name and numbers, it just removed the product titles version 2012 and replaced it with the 2014. As it is an expert level of certification, the candidates require to take 2 or more exams before coming into the MCSE business intelligence exam. In that way, candidates need not worry about the certification towards the MCSE BI certification, because it follows the same path to achieve the expert level MCSE business intelligence certification from the Microsoft systems. The Microsoft just changed the content required or the exam. The candidates can able to get the details about on content covering SQL server 2014 at the Microsoft learning site itself. The new MCSE business intelligence certification is made to be much broader and in depth when compared to the present MCITP certifications. Sure, it will assist and identify skill level of the different people. Earlier MCSE is called Microsoft certified solution engineer, but now this MCSE turned as a Microsoft certified solution expert. The name itself implies that it is an expert level certification in the Business intelligence category. 

The latest MCSE SQL server BI platform 2014 aims to offer core working knowledge of implementing and designing the BI solution. By attaining this new 2014 certification, the candidates can able to gain skills are as follows:

  • Integrating application with the business application such as Sharepoint and so on.
  • Designing an online analytical processing – OLAP cubes
  • Designing the ETL solutions
  • Planning a complete business intelligence infrastructure
  • Designing data warehouse and data mart services
  • Provisioning software and hardware services
  • Designing the tabular data models
  • Generating reports with the SQL server reporting service – SRSS
  • Maintaining, troubleshooting and administering SSAS database
  • Designing, installing, administering and configuring the BI platform of the SQL 2014
  • Designing database for the analysis service

The MCSE SQL server 2014 business intelligence platform is available for those who like to gain an MCSE credential by accomplishing expertise in delivery and design of the enterprise business intelligence solutions.

However, the Microsoft system introduced new MCSE: Business intelligence 2014, the candidates need not worry about the certification path. They can continue their path towards achieving the certification. The candidate who working towards the MCSA can continue their MCSA SQL server 2012 as it is the prerequisite for the MCSE business intelligence. If the candidates who are at present on the track to gain MSCE Business intelligence, all they require to make some minor course correction. The candidates must ensure that the preparation material is revised as per the new version of MCSE. Before starting the preparation or applying for the certification, the  candidates have to know the rules and prerequisite skills and exams requires to get eligible for the exam.

This IT sector is growing one, which needs regular updates to upgrade themselves. For that, the candidates required to upgrade their knowledge by using this MCSE business intelligence 2014. Microsoft becomes the formidable competitors adapting to a tidal wave of the changes that swaying IT organization today. The Microsoft will stay competitive and continue expanding in the MCSE business intelligence enterprise, the new MCSE BI would be more attractive to the IT professional and their employers. The changes in the MCSE business intelligence is necessary to stay fit in this competitive business world.

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