5 myths about getting online MCSE Messaging certification

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The Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (i.e. MCSE): Messaging certification is a credential that validates the knowledge of the Microsoft Exchange Server 2013. The certification proves the candidate’s skill set of installation, configuration and provide support to the Exchange and solve the real world problems. If a professional holds this certification, then it means that he has enough knowledge of configuration and mailbox operations including client access and unified messaging. This certification also validates the knowledge of security, archiving in the Exchange infrastructure.

The MCSE’s Messaging certification is a globally renowned credential and a lot of IT companies prefer to hire the professionals holding this certification. But there are several myths about this certification program. People think that getting this certification is not a good thing to boost up their career and get new opportunities to reach the desired position. There is also a myth that the certification exams are very easy and passing such exams is not a big deal and there is little more such sort of myth.

Myths about getting the MCSE: Messaging certification:

1. Anyone can pass the exam with the few days study: It is a myth that if you will prepare for a few hours that would be enough to pass the exam. Any exam that is designed by the Microsoft cannot be passed without learning skills and getting the awareness required to pass that exam. There are few crash courses offered by several institutions in the market, but no institution takes the challenge to provide all the training within a few days for passing any Microsoft’s certification exam.

If we talk about the MCSE: Messaging Certification, we know that it covers a lot of topics. The candidates have to prepare all the topics if they want to get the certification. Obviously, it will require an ample amount of time.

2. The certification cannot prove your IT skills: An experienced IT professional can better explain you about the exams which are designed by the Microsoft for its certification programs. If a company has its panel of expert IT professionals, then they can judge the knowledge of the candidates who have this Messaging certification and those who do not have the certification. But many people think that any expert IT professional would not like to hire a Microsoft certified candidate, he would like to hire a candidate who has more experience in the specific field. Every company wants to provide new opportunities to the professionals who have enthusiasm along with their knowledge and skills and it is not true that companies only hire the experienced professionals most of the time.

3. The Messaging Certification is not a plus point in an interview: It is a fact that if two candidates are sitting in front of any recruiter, he will like to prefer the one who earned this globally renowned certification. Since, the certification programs are designed in a way to test all the skills required for performing the specific IT operations and facing the real time problems.

But there are few people who think that such certification exam are easy to pass and any individual can pass this certification test after taking a few days training. It is not at all correct and such misconceptions about this certification program can distract the candidates if they want to prepare for the certification exams.

4. These certifications are like a voucher from the Microsoft: Yes, it sounds crazy, but many times it is heard in the IT market that the certification provided is nothing but a piece of paper which anyone can get after paying a certain amount of money as a Microsoft’s voucher. The Microsoft is a globally known company which has been running these certification programs for many years. The certification programs are appreciated by a lot of global renowned organizations. These certifications are considered as the proof of an individual’s IT skill. You can find many IT professionals who are working with great organizations and companies will tell you that how this MCSE’s Messaging Certification helped them in their IT career. There is no need to doubt on the certification’s credibility, the companies trust in this certification

5. Everyone has at least one certification so, it is not going to create a difference: Today, every professional earns a certification or a diploma in his field. It is not going to change anything and it cannot boost your career. You also might have heard these words, that a piece of paper cannot help you in achieving your goal.

It is not at all true. There are so many IT professionals in the companies who have decided to earn this Messaging Certification to get their desired position in their career. Now, many IT professionals have reached their positions and they are working as an important asset of their companies. It is a fact that there must be a difference between other certifications and MCSE’s Messaging Certification. The Microsoft has designed this certification program to provide the highly skilled IT professionals who can deal with the real time scenario in the IT world.

Now, what you have to do firstly stop thinking too much about these myths. You should start preparing for the MCSE: Messaging Certification and you should take an adequate amount of time for preparation of the exams. You can take the help of few online training programs and can also go for the option of the institutions which provide a good training for the certification. But it is suggested that the individuals should stay away from the capsule courses because if you want to develop skills, then you have to prepare yourself and give the time required for the preparation.

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